Everything and everywhere immediately receives the Midseason Award of the Hollywood Critics Association


Over the weekend, the Hollywood Critics Association held the annual Midseason Awards ceremony, and the award ceremony was captured by the beloved indie series “Everything Everywhere and at Once.”

The Hollywood Critics Association is a major film critics organization based in Los Angeles, California. Like other critics’ organizations, such as the St. Louis Film Critics Association, they hold an annual film awards ceremony that serves as a guide for future Oscar winners. In particular, the Hollywood Critics Association awards the Midseason Awards, which are awarded to films in the middle of the year.

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On July 1, HCA hosted the 5th annual Midseason Awards. The biggest conclusion was that “Everything everywhere and at once” completely covered the award ceremony. The film was nominated for 7 awards (out of 10) and received all 7, including for best Film, for Best Director (for Daniels), for Best Actress (for Michelle Yeoh), for Best Supporting Actor (for Ke Hui Quan), for Best Supporting Role. Actress (for Stephanie Hsu), Best Screenplay (for Daniels) and Best Independent Film. The only awards he didn’t receive were the ones he wasn’t entitled to: “Best Horror Movie”, “Most Anticipated Movie” and “Best Actor” (since there was no male lead). Another important story was that Austin Butler won the Best Actor Award for his electric role in “Elvis.” This is not surprising, since Butler’s performance far surpassed the rest of the contestants and became one of the main acting works of the year. Finally, the “Most Anticipated Film” went to the upcoming “No” by Jordan Peele, and the “Best Horror Film” went to “Freshness”, the directorial debut of Mimi Cave.

HCA also listed its runners-up for each award, and the most notable of them was India’s revolutionary era blockbuster RRR, which took second place in the Best Film category. Despite being a foreign film, RRR has become a cult hit since its release on Netflix, and this is an important and probably unexpected result for the film. While the film is certainly an outsider, this result indicates that RRR may reappear at the Academy Awards, at least in the category of “Best International Feature Film” and possibly in other categories such as “Best Original Soundtrack” or “Best Original Song”.

The victory of Ke Hui Quan in the nomination “Best Supporting Actor” in the film “Everything everywhere and at once” is especially touching and deserved. Kuan, best known for playing Short Round at the age of 13 in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), struggled for years with a shortage of roles for Asian actors and eventually left acting to become a fight director instead. After seeing the success of the movie “Insanely Rich Asians” (2018) in the USA, he decided to try himself as an actor again. “Everything Everywhere at Once” is Kuan’s first role in 20 years, but you’ll never guess it from the breathtaking and destructive quality of his acting.

Because of the novelty bias, films released later in the year are usually nominated for the Academy Awards. As a result, Hollywood builds its entire release schedule around this. Tilms, who are expected to have a chance of winning an Oscar, are almost always released at the end of the year to increase their chances. “Everything Everywhere at Once,” released in March 2022, should remain in the minds of critics for a whole year if it hopes to win an Oscar. If any movie can do that, then it could be this one. The giant critical momentum of “Everything everywhere and at once” has not slowed down yet.

“Everything Everywhere at Once” is now available on digital platforms.