Everyone Who Dies in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 (including the finale)


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the second volume of season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”!

The end of the popular Netflix original series is near, and in the 4th season of the series “Very Strange Things” in the second volume, several characters die. After a long wait for a return to the “Reverse side” in season 4 of “Very Strange Things” there were fewer episodes, but more episodes. This required Netflix to release the long-awaited return in two volumes, which only increased the excitement about how the penultimate season will end.

The second volume begins immediately after the first volume of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” has ended. The last two episodes put Eleven on a collision course to face Vecna again after it was revealed that the terrible villain was one of her only friends at Dr. Brenner’s facility. While Eleven is trying to save his friends from the other side of the country, the collection of characters in Hawkins had their own plans. This involved using Max as bait in the real world, while Steve, Nancy and Robin return to the Underside to kill Vecna. As all the stories of the fourth season of “Very Strange Cases” and groups of characters converged around the defeat of Vecna, the belief grew that a large cast could become smaller.

Throughout the history of the series┬áVery strange things killed some of the main characters, such as Barb and Bob. As usual, Steve Harrington was the main suspect in the death in the 4th volume of the 2nd season of “Very Strange Cases”, while there was also a lot of concern about what would happen to Nancy in “The Other Side”. Both of these characters eventually survived the encounter with Vecna and the group’s plan to defeat him. However, not everyone is so lucky. In the fourth season of the second volume of “Very Strange Cases”, several characters are killed in the run-up to and during the large-scale finale.

Dr. Brenner dies in season 4, episode 8 of the TV series “Very Strange things”

The first serious death in the 4th volume of the 2nd season of “Very Strange Things” occurs in the 8th episode called “Dad”. Viewers have long suspected that Dr. Brenner would play an important role in the episode based on the title alone. The character of Matthew Modine really plays a prominent role in the first episode of the 4th volume of the 2nd season of the TV series “Very strange things”. He continues to try to teach Eleven her abilities and forces her to stay at his new facility instead of leaving to save her friends. Brenner’s attitude changes when the government comes to his facility to kill Eleven, which forces him to help her escape. It is only after breaking down the door that Brenner and Eleven see that several other doctors have been shot.

Due to the drugs that Brenner previously injected Eleven with, he is forced to carry her while they try to escape through the desert. It becomes more dangerous because of a government helicopter with a sniper on board, tasked with killing anyone who tries to escape. At first, the sniper shoots Brenner in the shoulder, but eventually he falls to the ground after a few more shots. However, only a little later, the second volume of season 4 of “Very Strange Cases” kills Dr. Brenner forever. He releases the energy damping device on Eleven’s neck and talks to her again. So, after Volume 1 confirmed that Dad is still alive today after his supposed death in season 1, season 4 of Very Strange Cases, Volume 2 kills Brenner at the end.

Eddie Munson died in the finale of the second volume of season 4 of the TV series “Very strange things”

The addition of Eddie Munson turned out to be one of the best aspects of season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, as the “Dungeons and Dragons” obsessed character of Joseph Quinn and the leader of the Hellfire Club became a fan favorite character. He was at the center of the story throughout season four, as Eddie Munson was the prime suspect in Chrissy’s death. This has led to a growing conspiracy that he is behind all of Hawkins’ ritual deaths, for which Vecna is responsible. Viewers and many characters of “Very Strange Cases” learned that Eddie was actually a caring and cheerful young man, but his status as a new character, not strongly connected with the overall history of the series, caused fears that he might die.

In the finale of the second volume of the fourth season of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, Eddie Munson kills in a heartbreaking way. After playing the most metal version of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in Upside Down, he helps Dustin return to the normal world before cutting the rope. Eddie returns to the street to fight Vecna’s killer bats to finally become the hero he has never allowed himself to be. For a while he fights valiantly with a swarm of inverted creatures, but their numbers eventually overwhelm him. Eddie’s death in season 4 of Very Strange Things, Volume 2, happens to Dustin right next to him, and he will definitely tell Uncle Eddie that his nephew died as a hero.