Everyone Who Could Have Appeared in DS9’s Star Trek Is Coming Back


When season 3 of Star Trek: Lower Decks visits Star Trek: Deep Space 9, here are the most likely characters that could appear in animated form. The premiere of the trailer for the third season of “Lower Decks” took place at Comic-Con in San Diego, and the highlight, of course, was the sight of the USS Cerritos arriving at Deep Space Nine, complete with the majestic theme music of the beloved series of the 1990s. DS9 was a sight for sore eyes, especially for fans who longed for Captain Benjamin Sisko’s (Avery Brooks) team to gain more recognition and play a bigger role in the expanding Star Trek universe on Paramount+.

“Star Trek: Lower Decks,” which takes place at the end of the 24th century, just a few years after the completion of “Deep Space 9,” pays homage to the series from the first season. In a flashback, it is revealed that Ensign Beckett Mariner (Tony Newsom) visited DS9 before she was assigned. To Cerritos. The lower decks have also abandoned visual references to Quark’s bar (Armin Shimerman) and Vic Fontaine (James Darren), although unfortunately Dr. T’ana from Cerritos (Gillian Wigman) has never heard of Lieutenant Jadzia Dax from DS9 (Terry Farrell). . In the second season of “Lower Decks,” Star Trek: Voyager lieutenant Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeil) appeared, and he was so well received that he may have helped Cerritos finally come to Deep Space Nine.

After the arrival of Star Trek: Lower Decks at Deep Space Nine was announced, executive producer Mike McMahan promised that Cerritos would not only fly past the iconic pylons of the space station, but also dock with the spacecraft, allowing the crew to enter DS9 and walk along the Boardwalk. McMahan hinted that Mariner, Ensign Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) and their Cerritos shipmates will meet some “familiar faces.” The beauty of the animated series “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is that factors such as the current age of the DS9 actors do not matter. Deep Space Nine actors can voice their favorite characters, and since there is a universal format in Lower Decks, everything and everyone is potentially possible. Having said that, here are the most likely DS9 characters to appear in the third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks, depending on where the series finale left them.

Kira Neris

Major Kira (Nana Visitor) became a colonel in the final episodes of the seventh season of the series “Star Trek: Deep Space 9”. Subsequently, Kira remained in command of the station when Captain Sisko, whom Nerys also idolized as an Emissary, became one with the Bajoran Prophets and transcended into non-linear time. Kira also had to part with her love Odo (Rene Aubergonois), who reunited with his people, the Founders, in the Gamma Quadrant. Presumably, Colonel Kira Nerys remains the main boss of DS9 when Star Trek: Lower Decks visits, and it would be fun to see Nerys annoy Mariner, Boimler, and Lower Decks.

Dr. Julian Bashir

Dr. Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig) also stayed on Deep Space Nine after the end of the Dominion War, and he broke up with his best friend, Chief Miles O’Brien (Colm Meaney), who returned to Earth with his family. (Star Trek: Lower Decks, Season 1, even called O’Brien “the most important person in Starfleet history.”) Bashir fell in love with Ezri Dax (Nicole de Boer), and they are apparently still a happy couple on DS9. It’s possible that the jokes will lead to one or more of the lower decks ending up in Dr. Bashir’s medical bay.

Ezri Dax

Lieutenant Ezri Dax finished “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” in a relationship with Dr. Bashir. Ezri, who received the Dax symbiote after Jadzia Dax was killed at the end of DS9 season 6, joined the show in its final season and was part of the United Federation of Planets’ victory over the Dominion in the Dominion War. Ezri is an advisor to DS9 station, so maybe one of the lower floors will need her services in a crossover?

Quark and Rum (and Nog?)

Ferengi brothers Quark (Armin Shimerman) and Rom (Max Grodenchik) completed Star Trek: Deep Space 9 when Rom became the new Great Negus of the Ferengi Alliance (a role that Quark assumed should have belonged to him). Quark was happy to still be running his bar when DS9 ended, but there were indications in Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Picard Season 1 that Quark had become a business mogul and granted the franchise to his DS9 establishment. It’s hard to imagine that the inhabitants of the lower decks will not look into Quark’s for synthball and a game of Dabo when they arrive at DS9, and may also encounter Roma’s wife, Lita (Chase Masterson). As for Lieutenant Nog, Aron Eisenberg tragically died in 2019, but perhaps Nog can still appear, even if he does not speak.


If the lower decks look into Quark’s Bar on Deep Space Nine (and they should), then Mariner, Boimler and their friends will most likely meet with Morn.


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