Everyone is saying the same thing about the University of Southern California this Saturday night


USC looks scary on Saturday night.

The Trojans place him at Stanford; force losses and answer any questions fans have about the team’s offensive line. It definitely caught the attention of the college football world:

“USC is making the playoffs this year and going to the championship… my bold prediction from college,” predicted Dez Bryant.

“Very happy with my [USC] playoff prediction,” Dan Walken said.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with great sadness that on this most terrible of days I have to announce that USC is returning. Big back. Terrible back. The playoffs are back. Bad news is coming back,” the Barstool chief tweeted.

“After a game and a half, it’s time to reconsider my [USC] not a contender for the college football playoffs. This attack cannot be stopped.”

It’s interesting to imagine what this team might be like when they really come together.


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