Everyone agrees with her new Nabilla Beauty campaign!


On her Instagram account, Nabilla appeared sublime in order to promote her cosmetics brand on Instagram, Nabilla Beauty.

“” In the states they have Kylie, we Maeva Ghennam “. Thabiti isn’t entirely wrong when he begins her verse in Warzone. But he could have started it another way, too. By replacing, for example, Maeva by Nabilla. Indeed, Thomas’s sweetheart turns out to be the “symbol” of French reality TV. In fact, like Kylie, she also released a cosmetics brand, Nabilla Beauty, which has been a hit for a while.

Because yes, it’s been several years since Milann’s mother quit reality TV, yet that doesn’t prevent her from staying on top. Without making any programs, the pretty brunette is still in demand and followed by millions of fans.

You know that by releasing a make-up brand several years ago, Nabilla would easily create a buzz.

Well even several months after the launch of it, the project of the young mother is still loved. Otherwise, the new range would not be as expected by its fans.

They should therefore be delighted to learn that Nabilla was going to release her soon. Since she was striking a pose to share the good news.


Indeed, with each new collection of a product, its creator must pose with it. That’s why Thomas’s sweetheart posted a new snapshot of her brand advertising campaign.

Once again, Nabilla appears lovely. Well, if some people doubt our words, we invite them to see the post in question further down in this article. A post always highlighting the beauty of the pretty brunette.

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It remains to be seen whether Nabilla will experience the same success as the launch of her brand.


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