Every woman Niles dated in Fraser (before Daphne)


Fraser Crane’s fickle brother, Niles Crane, is unlucky in love more than once in the sitcom “Fraser”. After his divorce from Maris, Niles meets a bunch of women throughout the series, although they never live up to his true true love Daphne Moon, whom he eventually marries. The famous character Niles meets after Maris is Mel, his possible second wife and the last woman Niles Crane meets in his string of relationships in Fraser before Daphne.

When Niles Crane is introduced to Fraser, he is married to an invisible woman named Maris. Maris becomes Fraser’s biggest joke, as she is never shown, but her strange appearance and personality are constantly commented on. Encouraged by his friends and family, Niles confronts Maris when she makes fun of him, and this causes a two-year separation. She eventually cheats on him with their marriage counselor, Dr. Bernard Schenkman. Since then, Niles has been dating women who are most often his polar opposites in order to satisfy a long-standing desire to be with Daphne. On a whim, he marries Mela Karnofsky in season 7, but their romance falls apart after he and Daphne finally get together before she marries lawyer Donnie Douglas.

The Crane brothers are often similar to each other, but they are also similar in many ways. Both Niles and Fraser Crane are struggling to find the right woman for them. Niles is unrequited in love with Daphne Moon, while Fraser faces various misunderstandings on the dates he goes on. After Maris, Niles struggles to move on because he has little experience with the woman who accepts him. Fraser develops Niles Crane, emphasizing why his novels often fail after his first marriage. Every person Niles is shown in a relationship with helps him understand his self-esteem in a way that ultimately makes his last marriage a success. Here is a collection of all the women that Niles Crane meets in the sitcom “Frasier” before marrying Daphne.

Set – Season 6

In the 23rd episode of the 6th season of Fraser, “Shutdown in Seattle: Part I”Almost every character enters into a relationship that is neither healthy nor sustainable for them. Niles Crane, desperate to be loved, begins dating a woman named Kit. The only problem is that he changes his personality and appearance to be more compatible with her. Keith is played by Legally Blonde actress Jessica Kauffiel, and he appears in a two-part episode of Frasier. Niles Crane ends his marriage to Maris for good in the fifth season of Frasier and eventually shares an awkward romance with Frasier’s ex-wife Lilith. Dating Keith next season, Niles Crane tries to get rid of bad habits that prevent him from finding true love. However, their unreliable dynamic proves to Niles that he cannot be who he is not in a relationship and be satisfied. Niles breaks up with Keith in “Shutout In Seattle: Part II”.

Sabrina – Season 7

In season 7 of Frasier, episode 2, “Father of the Bride,” Niles Crane joins what he thinks is an executive dating agency, but is actually an escort service. The agency introduces him to a woman named Sabrina, whom he begins dating, despite the fact that Niles’ brother Fraser warns him that she is a sex worker. The script is used for laughs, but Niles’ experience with Sabrina paints a broader picture of his dating following his dissolved marriage to Maris. Sabrina’s devotion to him is a sham because of her profession, a fact that everyone except Niles understands. Their dynamics represent his romantic naivety. Their breakup in “Father of the Bride” opens Niles’ eyes as he decides that there is no perfect relationship.

Mac – Season 7

Poppy Delafield (played by Katie Finneran) appears in episodes 4 and 6 of season 7 of Frasier. She is the spoiled daughter of the owner of the KACL station. During her appearance in The Universal Critic, Fraser Crane manipulates her into becoming a critic at his radio station due to his jealousy of Niles’ new job writing for a pretentious magazine. Poppy returns in the 6th episode of the 7th season of Frasier “Rivals”, where she and Niles fall in love with each other. With her outgoing attitude and carefree chatter, she can be called another opponent of Niles. After several misunderstandings, Fraser’s love interest and Poppy actually break off their relationship with the brothers, refusing to attend the ball they attend together.

Mel – Season 7

Mel Karnofsky is introduced in the 8th episode of Frasier’s season 7, “The Late Dr. Crane” and his role is played by actress Jane Adams. The plastic surgeon quickly becomes Niles Crane’s second wife. Mel is compatible with Niles in many ways, but thrives because she has control over him. Her dominant personality reaches its climax when she stretches the separation from Niles by keeping his and Daphne’s romance above his head.


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