Every time the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull SAVED Indiana Jones


Although this is universally considered the worst part, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” actually saved the “Indiana Jones” franchise. After the extremely successful and influential series “In Search of the Lost Ark”, the Indiana Jones franchise received two popular sequels: “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Each of them introduced new characters to the franchise, watching as the titled adventurer-archaeologist goes on a quest that gradually led him into the realm of the supernatural.

Although the first three films were released in the same decade (in 1981, 1984 and 1989, respectively), less than 19 years passed before the release of the fourth film in 2008. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has long been considered the worst in the franchise, partly due to its departure from the established plot themes of previous films. However, despite the mistakes and problems associated with the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, another sequel was planned, and the release of “Indiana Jones 5” is currently scheduled for 2023.

Although he is often scolded— especially compared to other films in the franchise — “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” actually saved Indiana Jones. Not only did he revive a franchise that had been dormant for almost two decades, but he did it by opening up a number of new narrative directions and presenting ideas that could help the franchise exist beyond its protagonist. This makes “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” a much more important film than ever thought, and therefore it deserves much more recognition than it gets.

The science fiction film “The Crystal Skull” has opened up new possibilities for stories about Indiana Jones

One of the biggest changes made by the fourth film in the franchise was the aliens from the Crystal Skull — something that Indiana Jones had not even hinted at before. All the first three films about Indiana Jones were devoted to ancient relics of religious or spiritual power, which gave their action-adventure films a slightly fantastic shade. Since these plot elements are mostly rooted in established history, they fit well into Jones’ role as an archaeologist, which in turn gives good thematic credibility to the idea of the power of history and historical knowledge.

However, despite the fact that “Indiana Jones” and “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” are similar to each other in many ways, they actually used science fiction, not something fantastic. By attributing the power of one of the artifacts of the Indiana Jones franchise to alien technology, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has attracted the attention of science fiction. The merit of this has been much debated in the years since, but the simple truth is that in this way, “Crystal Skull” paved the way for countless new stories in the franchise. Although many consider this decision unpopular, in fact it is very consistent with the careers of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, since both of them have achieved outstanding success in science fiction stories. Despite the mistakes of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones 5 can prove that science fiction was a worthwhile innovation after all.

Crystal Skull hinted that Indiana Jones will need to be replaced

Another oft-criticized addition to the franchise that actually hides an important event was Shia LaBeouf’s Matt Williams. After he acted as Jones’ partner, it was later revealed that he was the son of a cult adventurer. Despite the fact that the character is poorly written, he has some potential. Although the various scandals that have since complicated Shia LaBeouf’s career make his eventual return to the franchise unlikely, his role in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is actually very important to the Indiana Jones franchise.

The inclusion of a character clearly created as a potential successor to the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gently hints at the idea that Harrison Ford can’t stay in this role forever. Of course, Harrison Ford cannot be replaced in the role of Indiana Jones, but the truth is that his age makes it impossible for him to continue in the franchise. Although Matt Williams is unlikely to become the face of cinema’s most iconic adventure franchise, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” presented the prospect of replacing Harrison Ford, which will help soften the blow when he comes. It’s time for Indiana Jones to find a new leader.

“The Last Crusade” closed the book about Indiana Jones — “The Crystal Skull” opened it again

The most obvious way that the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull saved the Indiana Jones franchise may be the most important. Since “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” ended with the hero literally riding off into the sunset, at one point it really seemed like the end of the franchise.