Every Shocking Thing Timothy Sykes Said about His Episode Below Deck


Timothy Sykes was named the worst charter guest in the history of “Below Deck” after appearing in an episode in the second season, but now he’s talking about his time on the show. His episode has become iconic in the franchise, from his helicopter entry onto the yacht to Chef Ben Robinson’s legendary explosion in the galley. Timothy remained on the list of the worst charter guests, but his blog shares his thoughts about this episode from his point of view.

In the second season of “Below Deck”, tensions with Ohana’s team were already high. Kelly Johnson and Jennis Ontiveros were in the midst of a thriving “boat farm,” while his sister Amy Johnson was trying to adjust to other stews. Stu’s boss Kate Chastain didn’t like the look of the group from the very beginning, as Timothy was taking his students on a three-day yacht trip, and she said that Timothy looked like a cult leader. A bold exit when he called the team his “slaves” for the next three days, and the same T-shirts for each of the students also did not help his cause.

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Timothy advertised his time in the “Under Deck” section on Facebook, saying he knew he “would look like an ass.” Fans of reality shows know that there are producers behind the scenes. Some of what is shown is fake, which Timothy hinted at in his blog. Viewers were shocked when Timothy asked for baby food for his 19-year-old girlfriend, refusing five-star dishes in favor of chicken fillet. From the way Chef Ben was throwing pots everywhere and destroying the galley, it was clear that by the end of the charter he was not a fan of Timothy.

Another serious complaint of Timothy was problems with Wi-Fi, as an intraday trader was trying to make money while on board. Some fans of “Below Deck” thought that the team was doing everything possible, but Timothy said that he “specifically asked them in advance to add additional routers, devices, etc., which they assured me would do it very quickly.” If a guest on the lower deck was promised a certain level of service, but he was not provided on the Ohana superyacht, some fans agree that he was right to be angry about it. Timothy boasted that he earned 70 thousand dollars on this trip, even with poor Wi-Fi on board. Many fans of “Under the deck” were outraged that Timothy, as you know, had the audacity to show Captain Lee Rosbach all the tips in the amount of 22 thousand dollars, and then remove 5 thousand dollars in front of him. Timothy defends himself by saying that $17,000 is almost a 25% tip, and that “the chef didn’t listen to my VERY specific instructions regarding food.” He also added that “almost every group meal was postponed for too long (which they did not show).”

Surprisingly, Timothy was happy to go to the lower deck again, even addressing Captain Lee and the crew directly on his blog. He said: “I’ll bring in more trading students, and we’ll see if you’ll do a better job to earn more tips.” Given how the rest of the crew talks about their experiences with him, they may all get sick for this charter.


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