Every Role Robert Pattinson Missed


Whether it was by choice or by misfortune, Batman’s Robert Pattinson missed out on starring roles in some classic films, as well as a few flops.

Although the star of “Batman” Robert Pattison is doing well now, over the years the actor has missed out on several classic roles, and also avoided setbacks. Robert Pattinson has an impressively eclectic screen career. For every blockbuster, such as “Twilight,” the star balances his on-screen resume by appearing in something more unusual, such as the Salvador Dali biopic “Little Ashes.”

However, the fact that Pattinson has many roles does not mean that the actor has made the most of every career opportunity given to him. Throughout his long screen career, Pattinson missed the opportunity to star in several incredibly impressive films. However, he also avoided some misfires that could bring back the Batman star in the eyes of moviegoers.

As with Safdie Brothers co-star Adam Sandler, Robert Pattinson’s missed roles can be linked to everything from poor decision-making to producers choosing a more famous person for the role in question. However, some of Pattinson’s roles were missed due to the fact that the actor was cut from the finished films after filming his role, while others were caused by the fact that the actor himself decided that he was not suitable for the role. Finally, several of Pattinson’s missing roles remain a mystery, as the actor himself has never explained why he didn’t get the role. With that in mind, here’s every role Pattinson missed.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair 2004, directed by Mira Nair, is a mediocre adaptation of the novel of the same name by William Makepeace Thackeray. In the first hour, the comedy drama demonstrates the brilliant satirical wit of Thackeray’s text, but the gloomy final hour is too prolonged and too suffocatingly self-serious to make the most of its star, the always sparkling Reese Witherspoon. Some of Robert Pattinson’s chewing on the scenery may have helped the dreary second half, but viewers will never be sure. This is due to the fact that Pattinson participated in the historical part of 2004 and shot scenes for the film, but they were cut from the finished editing by Vanity Fair. Pattinson played the adult son of Becky Sharp’s main character Rowdy Crowley in the original ending of Vanity Fair, but a different ending was used in the final montage of the film, and the role of the young actor was completely cut.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Of all the films in which Robert Pattinson did not star in the title role, “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” is probably the one that he is least angry about not starring. It’s funny, but the actor failed his audition for “Transformers 2” using the American accent he always auditioned with before “Twilight” made Robert Pattinson famous. Not realizing that everyone at the audition recognized him, Pattinson kept his accent throughout the interview and accidentally left the producers with the impression that he was doing a freakishly soft improvisation in character. Pattinson said his agent later called him to explain the mistake, though given how badly the Michael Bay sequel has treated critics, this incident may have been an intervention of fate to ensure that Pattison would not become a typical character as the main character in the teen-oriented critical series. despised blockbuster franchises.

There will be blood

At the opposite end of the scale, when it comes to critical acclaim, director Paul Thomas Anderson’s tense modern masterpiece “There will Be Blood” is one of the few roles in which Pattison openly admitted that he regretted not winning. As in the later Oscar-nominated western “The Power of the Dog,” in the Slow Gorenje story, a young actor played an inexperienced Naif, and an older actor played his tough, troubled mentor/possible enemy. Pattinson recalled how he came across the PTA film a few years later, in an interview where the actor said: “I remember reading the script and thinking it was the best script ever. I just couldn’t do it… I was going to audition, but I just couldn’t do it.”

Apart from these cryptic comments, little is known about the actor’s motives for refusing the role. However, Pattinson may mean that he was too young and inexperienced to play the role, or that his contractual obligations to the ongoing Twilight franchise made it impossible. Interestingly, although it is unknown what role Pattinson was offered to audition for, his age means that it was probably a role that later went to Paul Dano. Dano, in turn, went on to play the Riddler in Pattinson’s Batman in 2022.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While “There Will Be Blood” was a role Pattinson wanted but couldn’t bring himself to audition for, the role he turned down in the MCU was one the actor was offered but wasn’t interested in. Pattinson turned down a role in “Guardians” in 2014. Galaxy, since he had just finished “Twilight” and didn’t see himself as a blockbuster superhero movie star (ironically).