Every returning and new MCU character is confirmed in She-Hulk (so far)


The trailer for Marvel’s “The Hulk Woman: Sworn Counsel” not only gives an insight into the origins and history of the Hulk Women in the MCU, but also reveals some of the major returning and new MCU characters that are set to appear in the Disney+ series. In addition to an impressive set of characters and potential plot arches, the trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is chock-full of Easter eggs and references to the grand scheme of things in the MCU. While one can only speculate at this point about most of these pieces intended for fans, the characters confirmed in the trailer paint a clear picture of all the undisclosed MCU storylines that the Hulk Woman: Juried Lawyer intends to solve, and new storylines. plans to create.

For the most part, the trailer assumes that “Hulk Woman: The Lawyer” will be far from the relatively dark tone of the MCU Phase 4 and will rely heavily on humor rather than seriously serious melodrama. The 30-minute duration of the episode, closer to the sitcom in prime time, once again confirms this. It gives a brief overview of Jennifer Walters’ day-to-day difficulties as a corporate lawyer and her struggles as a green-tinged female Hulk. Interestingly, unlike Bruce Banner, Walters seems to find the right balance between his personal life and the life of a superhero based on Gamma. Possessing incredible strength and a wild mind, the Hulk Woman is different from the Hulk, and she manages to easily carry her giant green self in public.

Bruce Banner/The Smart Hulk also makes a brief appearance in the Hulk Woman trailer, confirming that, like the rest of his previous appearances in the MCU, he will once again be a minor protagonist as he plays a key role helping Jennifer Walters control her changing ego. The Hulk Woman trailer also features several “blink or miss” cameos from Jamila Jamil as Titania, as well as Frog Man and even Abomination. The last frame of one trailer especially thrilled Marvel fans as it revealed that Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, is adding a Female Hulk to his MCU cameo list. But even with so many revelations, the Hulk Woman trailer hides most of its overarching plot points and, most likely, even many of its characters.

Jennifer Walters/The Hulk Woman

Jennifer Walters, played by Tatiana Maslany, is a lawyer who, as the Hulk Woman trailer suggests, is “the face of the Superhuman Law department.” Much to her disappointment, she lives a complicated life where she has to combine her corporate work with her newfound machinations as a green giant superhero Female Hulk. In the trailer, Bruce Banner calls her his cousin, which confirms that the Hulk Woman will stick to the origin of the main character from the comics. Her Herculean strength and physique in the comics stem from an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce, which results in gamma-irradiated blood flowing through her veins.

However, unlike Bruce, the Female Hulk from the MCU seems to have retained all aspects of her personality and may not even have turned into a colossal raging monster like the Hulk. In a conversation with her best friend in the trailer, Jennifer Walters talks about how she despises heroes, and claims that she will never follow the path of superheroes. But given her training arc with the Smart Hulk, it’s probably only a matter of time before she starts fighting crime outside the courtroom.

Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk

The appearance of the Smart Hulk in the movie “The Hulk Woman” raises many questions related to the current timeline of the MCU. In addition, it’s hard not to wonder if Bruce Banner has already received a hand injury from the Iron Man Glove. In the Hulk Woman trailer, Mark Ruffalo’s Smart Hulk is more or less a guiding force for his cousin and helps her better control her newfound abilities. It also seems that the literally green Smart Hulk might be a bit metaphorically green, as his cousin seems to have a better understanding of her Hulk powers. He may have a bigger role in the overarching plot of the 9-episode series, but given his disappointing past in the MCU, it’s hard to predict what awaits him.


Titania, the key villain in The Hulk Woman movie, makes a brief appearance in the trailer. According to the comics, she was once a little girl named Mary McFerran, who was often bullied by classmates. However, a chance encounter with the villain of the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, gave her the opportunity to become superpowered in exchange for agreeing to join his army of villains. Using alien technology from Battleworld, he turned her into Titania. Her game version in “The Hulk Woman” is played by Jamila Jamil, known for the TV series “The Good Place”, and the long history of Titania in Marvel comics suggests that there will be much more in her evil role than it seems at first glance.


Tim Roth reprises his role as Abomination, who first appeared as the Hulk’s nemesis at the beginning of the MCU, in 2008 in The Incredible Hulk.


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