Every Musician Confirmed for Metal: Hellsinger Soundtrack


Metal: Hellsinger, designed to offer something new in the FPS genre, came out amazing, with the latest trailer and confirmation of the musicians’ participation combined with a short demo that has already excited fans with both gameplay and soundtrack. Funcom and developer The Outsiders have announced several vocalists who have signed up for the project, adding competitiveness and authenticity to what already seems like a solid shooter at its core.

The game was originally announced in June 2020, and since then, not much information has been published about it, except for the announcement of the list of Metal: Hellsinger musicians in 2021. This makes this year’s announcements even more exciting, finally showcasing not only substantial gameplay (which players can experience for the first time thanks to the multiplatform demo), but also a broader list of top-notch talent.

The initial announcement was made by Matt Heafy, Trivium’s frontman, who is also an avid streamer. The Elder Scrolls Online, based on DokeV’s notes, even had a song and music video featuring Trivium, and cross-content between music groups and games seems to be becoming more common over time. But Heafy is not alone, a number of other big names in pop metal have signed up with him, including celebrities such as Alyssa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy and Serge Tankian from System of a Down.

Metal: Hellsinger soundtrack has been replenished with a new musician

Serge Tankian topped the Metal: Hellsinger’s Summer Game Fest trailer as the only new vocalist confirmed since the game’s last announcement in 2021, which itself included several new names. The full list of vocalists is as follows:

Matt Heafy from Trivium Brandi Blythe from Lamb of Godjames Dorton from Black Crown Initiatemikael Stann from Dark Tranquillity Dennis Lixen from Refused and Invsnt Tatiana Shmayluk from Jinjegbjorn Strid from Soilworkalis White-Gluz from Arch EpemuSerj Tankian from System of a Down

The featured vocalists represent a band with a fairly wide range, known for their more guttural vocals in addition to pure melodic pieces. The demo gives a good idea of how this is likely to happen: its original tracks are spread across multiple segments, eventually moving on to full versions featuring each vocalist as the action approaches a climax at each level. The action remains in the same rhythm as BPM: Bullets Per Minute, but with a more metal-focused twist and corresponding demonic imagery worthy of any album cover. It has not yet been confirmed whether this is the final line-up or any other members may appear, but the list already looks substantial enough to attract many Metal fans: the Hellsinger brand specializing in melodic metal.