Every member of the Soldier Boy payback team and what happened to them


Warning: This post contains spoilers for the third season of The Boys.

Every member of Soldier Boy’s Payback team and what happened to them in the third season of The Boys. In each season of The Boys, there are many new Supes, superpowered creatures that have been injected with Compound V. In the second season, a Lamplighter appeared on the stage. , eventually helping the Boys fix their past. In the third season, Soldier Boy is not the only Super in town, he is joined by the rest of his team, controlled by Vout.

In season 3 of The Boys, episode 3, Grace Mallory reveals important details about the Payback, who were brought to Nicaragua in the 1980s to help the Contras rebels against Russia. They were one of the first superhero groups to participate in the government’s militaristic operation. This was the Soldier’s last mission before he was allegedly killed by Russian soldiers. Payback has similarities to The Seven, a Supe team led by Homelander. In addition to working for Vought, the teams are led by seemingly charismatic and extremely dangerous leaders.

There are eight members in Payback, including Soldier Boy and Black Noir, whom fans recognize by the “Seven” and who is currently out of action after an allergy nearly killed him in the second season of The Boys. season 3, as memories have just scratched the surface. In the meantime, here is each member of the Boy Soldier’s team, the degree of their strength and what will become of them after the disappearance of their leader.

soldier boy

Payback leader, Soldier Boy is a parody of Captain America from Marvel. He is sexist, unfiltered (in a bad way) and has superpowers as dangerous as a Homelander. Soldier Boy fought in World War II and, in fact, is the epitome of toxic masculinity and patriotism. According to Grace Mallory, Soldier Boy is also the most idiotic of the Payback participants. He can create and emit energy blasts; he also possesses superhuman strength and agility, as well as anti-aging abilities, and is an expert marksman. A boy soldier killed M.M.’s family, which shows how cruel and indifferent he can be. Presumed dead after sacrificing himself during a nuclear disaster in 1984, the Boy Soldier was apparently abducted by Russian soldiers and has not been seen since, although he is immortalized as a great hero in the United States. The Boy Soldier is portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who is best known for his role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

The Crimson Countess

The Crimson Countess was first introduced as a Payback participant in the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”. She was on a Nicaraguan mission in 1984 and was romantically involved with a Boy Soldier. She may not be as dangerous as a Soldier, but Frenchy and Kimiko’s run-in with her at an amusement park certainly showed how violent she can be after killing one of the mascots on the way out. The Crimson Countess can shoot pyrokinetic energy, which means aiming fireballs at people who get in her way. These days, the Crimson Countess — in fact, Marvel’s version of the Scarlet Witch for boys —is a singer in an amusement park show dedicated to the life story of a Boy Soldier. She is played by Laurie Holden, best known for her role as Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead.


Gunpowder was the Soldier Boy’s right-hand man and assistant when they were both in Payback. Given his name, Gunpowder has a penchant for firearms and runs a shooting program with Vought’s Rifle Association. Supe is an experienced shooter who perfectly aims and owns firearms, as well as has excellent eyesight and super strength. Gunpowder was killed by a Butcher who injected himself with a temporary form of Compound V outside the weapons convention, where he had a panel. Supe is played by Sean Patrick Flanery, known for his role in The Saints of Bundock.

Black Noir

Black Noir is in a unique position because he is the only Payback member who joined The Seven after his former team was disbanded. Black Noir is secretive, has excellent fighting skills and is a master of martial arts. He also possesses fantastic regenerative abilities, superhuman strength and longevity. He can handle any situation because he is exceptionally tactful, has fast reflexes and a high pain threshold. As of the end of season 2 of Boys, Black Noir is out of action (but still alive) after Queen Maeve forced him to eat almond joy, which led to a severe allergic reaction. In season 3 flashbacks, Black Noir’s face is burned in a fight in Nicaragua, which may explain why he never takes off his mask later. The younger version of Black Noir is played by Fritzi-Clevans Destin, known for his role as Sean Smith in the Arrowverse television series Superman and Lois.