Every Ice Cube Movie on Netflix


Here are all the Ice Cube movies that are currently available for streaming on Netflix. Ice Cube first became famous as a rapper in the late 80s thanks to groundbreaking albums such as Straight Outta Compton N.W.A. or his debut solo album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. It didn’t take long for Kub to move on to acting, and he made his debut in 1991 in the acclaimed film “Guys in the Hood.” From there, he appeared in Walter Hill’s underrated thriller Trespass and moved on to lead roles in films such as the 1995 classic Friday that spawned the franchise.

Since then, Ice Cube’s movie career has never been anything less interesting. There are evergreen favorites like “The Three Kings,” cult bombs like “Ghosts of Mars,” and long-running TV series like barbershop movies. In recent years, he has achieved unexpected success with the original film “Ride Together” (while “Ride 3” is still possible) and co-authored the sitcom “Are We There Yet?” which was based on his 2005 family comedy of the same name.

Cube’s film career spans everything from thriller to comedy, from horror to action, and even in his smaller outings, he is usually the most compelling performer. Here are all the Ice Cube movies on Netflix, according to JustWatch.

Anaconda (1997)

Anaconda received mostly terrible reviews, but became a hit and has since become a beloved character. “Anaconda” also has a stunningly good cast, including Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, which can be called a silly B movie, but the lack of originality is compensated by a fast pace and well-executed attack sequences. The film can also be found on DirecTV.

The First Sunday (2008)

Another “Ice Cube” movie available on Netflix is “First Sunday,” a comedy in which he reunited with “Are We There Yet?” co—star Tracy Morgan. The story tells about two inept criminal friends who plan to rob a church, which, of course, does not go according to plan. The film received mostly mixed reviews and is not one of Cube or Morgan’s best works, but their combination makes it a pleasant and fresh viewing experience.

The Evolution of Hip Hop (2016)

Hip-Hop Evolution is a documentary series dedicated to the history of hip—hop music and includes interviews with key musicians of this genre. Ice Cube appears in two episodes of the first season of Hip-Hop Evolution: “Underground to the Mainstream” and “The Birth of Gangsta Rap”, the latter of which marks the rise of West Coast rap. The series is a fascinating look at the history and evolution of hip-hop and is a must-watch for fans.