Every Elvis song (who sings what)


Elvis includes many different songs to complement his soundtrack. Covers such as Moneskin’s “If I Can Dream”, original songs based on samples of cult songs such as Doja Cat’s “Vegas”, and reworked Elvis classics such as “Craw-Fever” are just some of the suggestions that highlight important moments of the film. It also includes a direct performance of Elvis tunes sung by Elvis or Austin Butler, which brought the singer to life on screen. The diverse nature of this soundtrack and the selection of performers are sure to find an offer that everyone will like.

Although the songs don’t always sound exactly like the originals they pay homage to, they aim to make the audience feel what they could feel listening to Elvis’ music during his heyday. The maximalist approach to the soundtrack perfectly mimics and combines with the film itself, breathing new energy into the incredible personality and music of the King of Rock and Roll. Here are all the songs that appear in Elvis, including those where they appear in the movie.

Suspicious Minds (Intro) by Elvis Presley. This excerpt from the classic Elvis song “Suspicious Minds” is the first song heard at the beginning of the film.

Also Sprach Zathathrusta/An American Trilogy by Elvis Presley — “Also Sprach Zathathrusta/American Trilogy” appears at the beginning of the film when Elvis performs in Las Vegas, when Colonel Parker forces him to go on stage moments after he comes to life when he loses consciousness. before the show.

Vegas by Doja Cat. In Vegas, Doja Cat pays homage to the black artists who influenced Elvis’ music by sampling Big Mama Thornton’s “Hound Dog,” a song that Elvis famously sang. “Vegas” appears in the film during the Beale Street montage of the 1950s.

“The King and I” by Eminem and SiLo Green — “The King and I”, which is a sample riff from Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock”, appears in the final credits of the film.

Tupelo Shuffle by Swae Lee and Diplo – “Tupelo Shuffle”, in which Elvis’ cover of “That’s All Right” is sampled, is heard when a young Elvis listens to the performance of the original artist of “That’s All Right”, Arthur “Big Boy”. Crudup. It also plays during the end credits of the film.

Craw-Fever from Elvis Presley – “Craw-Fever”, which is a mixture of Elvis’ songs “Crawfish” and “Fever”, plays when Colonel Parker decides to single-handedly manage Elvis, drawing up a contract that the Presley family signs and forever. changing the course of his life.

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Kacey Musgraves — Kacey Musgraves’ rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” is played when Elvis and Priscilla kiss in Germany, where Elvis served during his military service.

The “Product of the ghetto” by Nardo Wick. “Ghetto Product” plays over the text that appears at the end of the film, which details the legacy of Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley until the final credits of the film.

If I Can Dream by Måneskin – Måneskin’s cover of the Elvis song “If I Can Dream” appears in the final credits of the film.

“Cotton Candy Country” by Stevie Nicks and Chris Isaac. “Cotton Candy Land” is played during the installation shot of Colonel Parker’s collapse at the beginning of the film.

Baby, Let’s Play House by Austin Butler. “Baby, Let’s Play House” appears at the beginning of the film when Elvis performs at the Louisiana Hayride, introducing his music (and his iconic dance) both to the general audience and to Colonel Parker.

“I’m Coming Home” by Elvis Presley. “I’m Coming Home” beats Elvis’ film career after his discharge from the army.

“The Hound Dog” by Shonky Dukure. The “Hound Dog” appears at the beginning of the film during the Beale Street montage.

Tutti Frutti performed by Les Green. “Tutti Frutti” appears in the film when Elvis and BB King watch Little Richard perform this song at Club Handy on Beale Street.

Strange Things Happening Everyday by Yola — “Strange Things Happening Everyday” is played during the stage transition between Club Handy and one of Elvis’ concerts.

“The Hound Dog” by Austin Butler. Elvis performs “Hound Dog” on the Milton Berle show, where he causes controversy over his dance moves.

“Let It All Hang Out” by Denzel Curry — “Let It All Hang Out” is played when Elvis goes to the Handy Club to blow off steam after an argument with his mother.

Austin Butler’s Trouble — Elvis performs “Trouble” at a concert to remind his fans who the “real Elvis” is after Colonel Parker’s attempts to clean up his scandalous image in the media.

“I Got A Feelin’ In My Body” by Lenesha Randolph — “I Got A Feelin’ In My Body” appears before Elvis meets Steve Binder at the Hollywood sign.

Edge of Reality (Tame Impala Remix) by Elvis Presley and Tame Impala — “Edge of Reality” plays during the transition to 1968, when Elvis learns about the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.