Every Daniel Kaluuya film is rated from the worst to the best


Since his film debut in the 2008 film “Cass”, British actor Daniel Kaluuya has starred in more than a dozen films, each of which can be arranged in order from worst to best. Thanks to his work in critically acclaimed thrillers and the highest-grossing blockbusters in recent years, as well as his Oscar-winning role in the historical drama Judas and the Black Messiah, Kaluuya is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. To date, Kaluuya has starred in 13 theatrical feature films, but he also has an impressive body of work, including appearances on television and on stage.

Daniel Kaluuya was born on February 24, 1989 in London, England, in a family of immigrants from Uganda. At a young age, Kaluuya was involved in improvisational theater and began playing at a local art school. In his 20s, Kaluuya starred in several theatrical productions, most notably his starring role in Forbidden Reception, which earned him the Critics’ Circle Theater Award for Outstanding Newcomers. One of Kaluuya’s first roles on television was in the popular British TV series “Suckers” along with other young actors who have made a successful career, including Dev Patel.

At the age of 33, Daniel Kaluuya has established himself as one of the most sought-after movie stars of our time, and more recently he was named a contender for the role of the next James Bond or the next Bond villain. Frequent collaborator Jordan Peele called Kaluuya his favorite actor in the world, and there is no doubt that the versatile performer has an exciting career ahead of him. In the meantime, let’s take a look at all of Daniel Kaluuya’s films, ranked from worst to best.

13. Chat (2010)

Chatroom is a thriller directed by Hideo Nakata, based on the novel of the same name by Edna Walsh. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays William, a British teenager who lives his life online and opens a chat where he meets other troubled teenagers, including Mo Daniel Kaluuya. Each chat member has problems that William tries to solve in unconventional ways that constantly have unpleasant consequences. . An interesting concept of the Chatroom is summed up by unrelated storylines and superficial characters who waste the talents of young actors.

12. Welcome to Punch (2013)

Screenwriter and director Eran Creevey is a police drama starring actor James McAvoy. The plot centers on an elusive criminal named Jacob Sternwood, played by Mark Strong, who returns to London for the first time in many years. This homecoming gives Detective Inspector Lewinsky (McAvoy) one last chance to arrest him. Daniel Kaluuya plays a supporting role as one of the members of the Levinksi intelligence group. While “Welcome to the Climax” was deservedly praised for its action, the film ultimately disappoints with its unoriginal storyline that even McAvoy can’t save.

11. Johnny English: Rebirth (2011)

Oliver Parker’s spy comedy “Johnny English: Rebirth” is the second part of a trilogy of films about Johnny English, parodying James Bond. The sequel once again stars Mr. Bean’s comedian Rowan Atkinson as the titular Johnny English, whose latest mission is to stop an assassination attempt on the Chinese premier. Kaluuya plays English’s sidekick, Colin Tucker, in his most high-profile movie role at the time, but unfortunately Johnny English Reborn received mostly negative reviews due to the lazy forgery of the spy genre.

10. A Christmas Carol (2020)

This adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel “A Christmas Carol in Prose” directed by Jackie Morris retells a famous story in a narrated ballet. Along with an ensemble cast that includes Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Carey Mulligan, Daniel Kaluuya voices the Ghost of a Christmas Present. Despite the fact that the film is visually impressive, the adaptation is less exciting and less suitable for re-viewing compared to other well-known adaptations of the “A Christmas Carol in Prose” films, such as “A Christmas Carol in Prose Muppets”.

9. Cass (2008)

Cass is a British crime biographical film directed by John S. Baird, which tells the true story of Carol “Cass” Pennant, a former football hooligan. Daniel Kaluuya plays a small role as a younger version of the titled Cass, who grows up to become a key member of the fearsome Inter City Firm, a violent group of West Ham United fans. “Cass” is full of good performances, but not much different from other films about football fans released at the same time, such as “Hooligans from Green Street”.

8. Kick-ass 2 (2013)

The sequel to The Kick-Ass of the 2010s, Jeff Wadlow’s Kick–Ass 2 is a satirical superhero film in which Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays the main avenger. Five years after the release of the original, Kick-Ass 2 sees how Kick-ass joins a group of street heroes led by the Star-Spangled Colonel Jim Carrey, who go face to face with a gang of villains, which includes the Black Death of Daniel Kaluuya.


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