Every crime you can commit in Skyrim (how much is your reward worth)


In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can commit various crimes, and for each of them a reward is assigned in the form of a certain amount of gold. How much depends on the crime, with rewards ranging from a few gold to 1,000. However, if they don’t want their heads rewarded, they can use stealth to make sure they won’t be seen breaking the law.

Skyrim pays great attention to freedom of choice, and in part this allows players to be any dragonborn, including a criminal. Theft, hacking, penetration and even murder are all available options for those who want to become a bad guy in Skyrim. The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood are two organizations focused on illegal activities, but if players don’t want to join them, they can just as easily limit themselves to a petty criminal. Although committing crimes has consequences, they are relatively minor and easy to deal with. If the reward is small enough, then the Skyrim hold guards will simply ignore the player for a while until they break the law in the future.

Regardless of whether players commit serious or minor crimes in Skyrim, there are ways to deal with the rewards they bring. Paying them is probably the easiest option, even if it costs the confiscation of everything stolen. They can also go to prison for a short time and either serve their sentence or escape. The maximum sentence is only one week — possibly due to some problem with the number of prisoners in Skyrim – so players will never be in jail for long. Being a hold thane gives the privilege of giving up any reward in it once without any consequences, and players can also bribe guards to ignore crimes if their eloquence skill is high enough. If they don’t want to deal with the guards at all, then just putting a bucket on their head, they won’t notice the crimes of the Dragonborn.

There are several minor crimes with small rewards in Skyrim

Not every crime that players can commit in Skyrim is a serious crime. Minor crimes carry a reward of only a few gold and are easily paid for by themselves, even for novice dragonborn, which is good, because sometimes it’s easy to accidentally do something wrong while playing Skyrim in normal mode. Lock-breaking and illegal entry are two such crimes, for each of which the same reward is provided; if players break any lock on a door or container belonging to them — even if they don’t take anything — or if they linger in the wrong place, they will receive a reward of 5 gold. Disturbing public order by throwing objects on the ground or standing next to dead bodies for too long is another minor crime for which a slightly higher reward of 10 gold will be awarded.

Unlike most crimes, theft, determined by the seizure of any owned item, does not have a fixed reward; the amount will be equal to half the monetary value of the item that the Dragonborn stole, so it can range from a few septims to hundreds. Players joining the Thieves Guild of Skyrim should be especially wary of being seen by NPCs when they steal items for various side missions, as they can accumulate quickly. Pickpocketing is a separate crime, for which there will always be a fixed reward of 25 gold, regardless of the number or value of the stolen items, if the player is caught. Stealing horses is also different from normal theft, and since they are considered witnesses, players will receive 50 gold added to their reward every time they try to saddle a horse belonging to them.

Some crimes in Skyrim are worse than others

Some offenses in Skyrim are more serious than petty theft, but not as serious as outright murder. One such example is an attack. If players hit an NPC with a melee attack or a hostile spell, they will receive a reward of 40 gold. Attacks by Lydia or other Skyrim followers, as well as temporary allies, are also counted, but pre-arranged brawls are not counted unless players use weapons or armor that cause damage during them, such as Ebony Chain Mail. and none of them will defend against the NPCs who attack the Dragonborn first. Eating corpses with Namira’s Ring and feeding as a vampire is considered an attack and will bring an additional reward of 40 gold.

Another medium—gravity crime is prison break. If players escape from prison by activating any escape route or opening the door to their prison cell after committing a separate crime and surrendering to the guards, they will receive a reward of 100 gold in addition to the amount they had before incarceration, which will apply regardless of whether they are caught escaping. Skyrim’s prison system doesn’t make much sense, as locks are very easy to crack and escape routes are usually easily accessible, making it pretty easy to do if players want to.