Every contestant who self-evicted or was excluded from Big Brother


Although most of Big Brother’s guests struggled to do their best to win the grand prize at the end of the game, some of them left the house early due to self-aggrandizement or exile. The last guest to leave the game ahead of schedule was Paloma Aguilar, who left in the first week of “Big Brother 24” before the live eviction due to a “personal problem”. Although no specific reason was given, Paloma’s mental health seemed to be deteriorating in Big Brother House 24, and she was shown crying due to her inability to eat and sleep from the very beginning of the game. She even slept on the couch in the Diary Room, which was unprecedented. The pressure at home apparently affected Paloma too much, and she left for her own well-being. Her departure led to the completion of Big Brother 24 Backstage Twist and ensured the safety of both nominees during the first week.

Big Brother is a challenging game that requires physical, mental and emotional strength. From challenging challenges to navigating complex alliances, the game can stump even the strongest players. The aspect that really affects the guests is isolation from the outside world, including their families and friends, for up to three months if they get to the end of the game. Players only have a connection with their families if they win the Head of Family (HOH) competition, and even then it’s just a letter from home. Towards the end of the game, the houseguests receive video messages from their families. Sometimes Big Brother rewards a lucky guest with a phone call from a loved one. However, most of the game they have to survive in the Big Brother house on their own.

Paloma is not the first guest to leave the Big Brother house early. Three other players made the difficult decision to self-promote. In addition, there were other cases when Big Brother had to intervene and expel guests for violating the rules. Over the past 24 seasons, four players have been excluded from the game, three of them due to violence. Paloma joins seven other players who left the Big Brother house early and changed the course of their games.

Neil Garcia – Self-Improvement

In 2008, Big Brother 9 guest Neil Garcia became the first participant in the American version of the game to leave it voluntarily. He stayed in the house for seven days before moving out on his own. The reason for his departure is still a mystery, but since it was described as an urgent personal matter, some fans suggested that it could be due to the sudden and unexpected death of a relative.

Dick “Evel Dick” Donato – Self-improvement

On the Big Brother 13 show in 2011, Big Brother 8 winner Dick “Evel Dick” Donato and runner-up Daniele Donato, who is also his daughter, were two of the six returning guests. They were previously estranged from each other and were part of the “Big Brother 8 Rivals” rotation, but they planned to team up with Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, Rachel Reilly and Brandon Villegas when Evel Dick formed the Veterans Alliance in season 13. Evel Dick moved out on his own six days later when he found out that he had an HIV-positive blood test result conducted by the show’s producers. Evel Dick is still considered a Big Brother legend.

After eight days in the Big Brother 19 house in 2017, Megan Lowder also left the show for medical reasons. When she served in the armed forces, Megan was sexually assaulted, and she said that when some men in the Big Brother house yelled at her and attacked her, her anxiety became so intense that she became physically ill. After a misunderstanding led to her accidentally falsely accusing another guest of using racially motivated insults, Megan had a panic attack in the diary room, and then she went to the hospital. She didn’t come back into the game.

Justin Sebik – Exile

During “Big Brother 2” in 2001, guest Justin Sebik was removed from the game when, after they kissed in the kitchen, he pretended to hit housemate Krista Stegall on the head with a broom. Two of them were very drunk. After removing the broom, he asked Krista if she would be angry if he killed her, and put a knife to her throat. He kept the knife at her neck while they kissed. Krista encouraged him to keep the knife there, and Justin later claimed it was a joke. However, he also threatened to physically attack other Big Brother players and destroyed property in the house, while other guests feared for their safety. After a lengthy conversation with the show’s psychologist, the producers had no choice but to exclude him after ten days. That season, all the guests voted for the winner, but Justin was no longer invited to participate in the voting.