Everwild: Rare Game Has Been Rebooted and Will Not Be Released Until 2024


Everwild: Anyone interested in Everwild, the new game developed by Rare, may have noticed that we haven’t heard any big news since it was announced in 2019. Not only that, the title was also left out of Microsoft’s E3 conference this year, the which increased the fans’ curiosity.

According to sources at the VGC website, the team working on the game decided to do a full reboot of development after Simon Woodroffe, the title’s former creative director, left the company in 2020. This means exactly what it sounds like: with the change in direction, they started the work from scratch to get a more consistent result.

Of course, with a change of that level, it can take a long time to see more details about the game, including gameplay or a release date. Also according to the information that the VGC obtained, the expectation is that Everwild will only reach the public in 2024.

Other than that, there’s the fact that Gregg Mayles, one of Rare’s longest-serving employees, has been named to lead the development of Everwild, which is very positive news for the title. For those who don’t know, Mayles has worked on games like Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata and Sea of ​​Thieves during his time at Rare.

Therefore, you can believe that he will achieve a good result in this new project. Are you curious to see what Everwild will look like at the end of all this? Please comment below if you are also looking forward to more Rare games!


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