EVERGLOW Becomes a Beautiful ‘Pirate’ In MV Comeback


EVERGLOW has finally made their comeback that fans have been waiting for. As scheduled, the music video titled ‘Pirate‘ was officially released by EVERGLOW on Wednesday (01/12).

‘Pirate’ is the title track released by EVERGLOW in the third mini album ‘Return of the Girl‘, in addition to the songs ‘Back Together’, ‘Don’t Speak’, ‘Nighty Night’, and ‘Company‘.

Slightly different from the previous comeback which was dominated by hip hop and trap music genres, this time EVERGLOW presents EDM house music with an upbeat tempo.

Not only the upbeat music, through this music video we will also be spoiled with various visual effects and eccentric appearances from the members.

Without further ado, just watch the ‘Pirate’ music video from EVERGLOW!