Even the Fake origin of Black Noir Hints That The Boys Homelander Twist

Warning! Spoilers for the comic The Boys and the streaming series below
The fake origin of Black Noir hints at one of The Boys’ greatest turns of events involving Homelander, hinting at who the quiet but deadly Supe will eventually become. In The Boys: Herogasm #3 from Dynamite Comics, A-Train asks Jack from Jupiter what exactly is wrong with Black Noir. In the teaser for the final reveal of the series that Noir is actually a Homelander clone, Jack warns about the incredible abilities and origins of his fellow Soups, setting the tone for an incredibly dark moment.
Black Noir is one of the most mysterious characters in The Boys, as before in the series, he is the least specific member of The Seven, telling little about his past, intentions or role in the team. The comic shows that Black Noir is loyal to his Homeland and an incredibly deadly fighter, although apparently unable to speak or show emotion. However, Black Noir is one of the most depraved heroes in the universe, as he participated in the attack on Starlight, and later in a stunning twist it was revealed that he is a clone of Homelander, specially created to kill a powerful hero if he ever comes out. lines.
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In The Boys: Herogasm #3 by Russ Brown, Darik Robertson, John McRae, Keith Burns, Simon Bowland and Tony Avina, a group of Soups encounter one of the Black Noir villains, Coagula, during their superhero orgy. The meeting leads to A-Train wondering what the deal is with Black Noir, as he doesn’t understand why he just “sits there”, doesn’t say a word and doesn’t move during the meetings of the Seven. Jack from Jupiter shows that Homelander and Black Noir go far back in time and that there is “some shit” between them, while mentioning that Wout called Black Noir “dark” in the Seven with the worst villains, the city and many others. Of course, the origin of Black Noir was completely fake, and in some ways the comments hint at a big turn by The Boys.
The comment that Black Noir is presented as “dark” and that he and Homelander go far back in time is a hint of a twist later in the series that Quiet Soup is actually a clone of the most powerful hero of the Seven. After all, Black Noir was “dark” because he did terrible things pretending to be a Homelander and turned out to be the big villain of The Boys. His fake origin even hinted at the darkness within him.
Ultimately, the twist that Black Noir is a Homelander clone leads to the ultimate shocking end for both Supes. However, with the hint of his fake origin and being “dark” in the band, it is likely that The Boys hinted that Black Noir would become later in the series as the opposite of Homelander, as it was shown that Supe was darker than anyone could ever have imagined.