Even premiers where the Sea Sleeps with Friendship MV


DAY6’s first sub unit released their debut album and video for Where The Sea Sleeps. DAY6 takes us on an adventure in space for the debut of the group’s first sub unit. Even of Day is made up of Dowoon, Wonpil and Young K, who gave proof of how important friendship is when you require motivation to overcome difficulties.

Where The Sea Sleeps is an animated music video where the protagonists are Don, Ke and Pil, the stuffed animals that represent the members of Even of Day. In this MV, they are three adorable astronauts who find themselves stranded on a planet far from home and dealing with the sadness and despair that invades them.

This changes when Pil, the rabbit who represents Wonpil, has a new idea and motivates his companions to get down to work and repair their ship. After succeeding, the astronauts take off for a new adventure trying to return home, but halfway through a rain of asteroids causes them to fall on another planet.

Hold my hand even in the dark

The figures of Jje and Bang, which correspond to Jae and Sungjin respectively, are also present in the MV. They always traveled on the ship as a message of companionship and support to their Even of Day members, saying that even if they are not with them, the bond they share does not change. When the ship is about to explode, Don takes them in his arms to protect them from being separated from them.

In the same way, Ke tries her best to take the compass that has the symbol of MY DAY, her fandom. Sending a special message about how her fans are the guide they need on this path.

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After regaining consciousness, the Even of Day members reach the seashore and, although it is not shown in the video, their expression tells us that they will continue to strive to get to where they belong.

As we watch the adventures of these astronauts, the lyrics to Where The Sea Sleeps tell us a story about friendship and loyalty, as well as the strength they represent to overcome difficulties. There are good days and bad days, but no matter which one you face, having a friend by your side will make any situation better.

Check out the MV for Where The Sea Sleeps below, the clip features subtitles in English, Spanish, and many other languages.


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