Even After the Big Drop, Crypto Money Approves Greed


The Alternative Horror and Greed Index saw 56 points, the highest of three months on June 2, 2020. Since this indicator was one day behind the real market feeling, it actually reflected the rise grandeur in June 1.

Great Greed on the Horizon

The indicator stopped growing only one day after the Bitcoin (BTC) price drop on June 2. Today, it has reached 54 points, which can be interpreted as a ‘normal’ market feeling.

It seems that it will not take long for the Alternative Horror and Greed Index to regain 65 points reached on 13 February 2020.

This indicator performed slightly better than the similar indicator CNN Business Fear and Greed Index. According to the investor sentiment indicator of CNN Business, the Greed region has been entered and there are currently 61 points.

During the ongoing market stagnation, according to analyst Charles Edwards from Capriole Investments; Bitcoin (BTC) was only associated with stocks during extreme fear and over-greed.

According to Edwards; It is useful to prepare for the impressive crypto market capitalization rally.

The Alternative Crypto Fear and Greed Index uses different types of market input to identify investors’ feelings. Tracks market volatility, market volume, social media trends, Bitcoin (BTC) price dominance and Google Trends indicators for crypto-focused searches.


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