Even Against The Law, Tesla Cybertruck Will Have Removable Mirrors


Cybertruck: The CEO of the automaker Tesla, Elon Musk, confirmed that the Cybertruck electric pickup will even be launched with rear-view mirrors on the sides — which was not well regarded by the community, which prefers the vehicle without the accessory, as well as in the promotional images and in the concept of the model.

In response to a complaint made by a follower on Twitter, Musk himself confirmed the inclusion of the mirrors, but assured that they are “easily removable by the owners”.

The problem is in the legislation: as the Business Insider website points out, the inclusion of mirrors in cars is mandatory in the United States, following the norms of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a government entity that takes care of traffic safety in the country.


This is not the first model on the market to abandon mirrors in the traditional format: other electric car concepts have already replaced mirrors with more discreet cameras or sensors. However, NHTSA continues to demand the accessory in its more traditional form.

The agency has already discussed the possible release of cameras, but no decision has been taken so far. The Cybertruck was postponed by Tesla and the first units began to be manufactured and shipped in 2022 to the person who first made the reservation.


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