Evan Bass of BiP says there is “no revenge” in Carly Waddell’s divorce because of their children: you can’t “take sides”


Bachelor Nation’s Evan Bass continues to talk about his new normal almost two years after breaking up with Carly Waddell.

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“This is death and horror,” 39-year-old Bass wrote in an Instagram Story on Thursday, June 23, when asked how hard it is to go through a divorce. “Especially when everything they say there is not true.”

The former erectile dysfunction specialist had an affair with 36-year-old Waddell during season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. After a temporary relationship and a visit to the emergency room, the couple got engaged during the finals in September 2016. Despite the fact that they got married on BiP Beach the following season, the couple separated in December 2020.

“There can’t be revenge when you [sic] have kids together,” Bass, who has daughter Bella, 3, and son Charlie, 3, with the Bachelor alum, wrote in a second Instagram story on Thursday. “Besides, there are also no sides to a divorce with children, [because] children are the only damn side that can be taken, and how dare you all try to take sides in the past.”

The questions and answers came shortly after the Tennessee resident, who also has sons Nathan, Liam and Ainslie from ex-wife Marie Bass, spoke about the nature of his divorce from Waddell.

“I just don’t think we laid the groundwork the way we should have,” Bass admitted during an appearance Thursday on the “Talking It Out” podcast, noting that it’s “embarrassing” to be divorced twice. “I’m not in the subject. …Like, it’s still emotional. It’s still a deep sadness, I don’t know if you’ll ever be completely perfect. There are scars and wounds—they are healing, but they are also here to teach you and teach me, and I am trying my best.”

Since the former ABC representatives announced their dismissal, they have been working to become joint parents of their two babies.

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell MEGA

“It wasn’t an easy process,” Bass told podcast co—hosts Mike Johnson and Brian Abasolo. “I have my older boys, besides the one who moved full-time. I really wanted, like, 50/50, but there’s a part of it, you just have to give up and be, like, they’re so young, they need their mom. It sucks. I hate it. I hate not being with them all the time. You work through it. It’s never easy. There is no such thing as easy co-parenting. …But Carly is fine. I think we’ve found our way, and that’s good.”

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In his Instagram Story Q&A session, the reality TV alum also revealed that they are dating again, albeit “not very well,” before talking about fatherhood, noting that he feels happiest when he is with his little ones.

“[My biggest regret] is that I didn’t spend every spare minute with my kids,” Bass explained Thursday, getting emotional over the revelation. “They are literally perfect and I regret every moment I am away from them.”