Eva Queen takes first place on Top Albums with “Feed”!


Eva Queen begins to make a real place for herself in the world of music. Indeed, the young woman had landed with “Queen” in 2019!

The latter had become platinum soon after its release! Shock !

If some bad tongues could have said that the success of Eva Queen was linked to the notoriety of her sister, now it is not!

Indeed, the young woman has her own fans and she is especially talented! Thus, some French artists saw in it a real potential!

This is particularly the case of Dadju, Ninho or Alonzo, whom the singer knows well! We can therefore hope for many future collaborations!


As soon as it was released, the album “Feed” climbed to number one. Indeed, the Top Albums revealed that Eva Queen had dethroned Slimane and Vitaa.

A real feat for the young woman, only 19 years old! Wow!

This success, she owes perhaps to the renewal of her music! Indeed, Eva Queen has entrusted the newspaper La Provence with her new musical recipe.

So she said: “I wanted to show that there is an evolution in my personality. I sought to renew myself. Most of all, I wanted to do what I really like. The sounds are more worked, the lyrics are different. It is really something else. ”

One thing is certain: the album likes and does better than “Queen”. Indeed, it entered second place when it was released in 2019.

A score that must have already made Eva proud! So it’s a safe bet that “Feed” will be platinum in some time …

Case to be continued …


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