Eva Longoria: bikini and oiled skin, she’s officially on vacation!


Eva Longoria has decided to end the year in style. She then just posted a photo of her vacation in the sun on social networks.

Fans have something to envy Eva Longoria for. For the new year, the star has decided to have a good time and go on vacation in the sun!

For Christmas, Tina Kunakey had decided to go to Brazil. The star had then published many idyllic photographs of the blue waters of the country. Like the young woman, Eva Longoria also decided to end the year on a high note. And for that, nothing better than spending New Year’s Eve under the tropical sun. A heavenly situation that has what make fans jealous.

Yesterday, the pretty 44-year-old brunette posted a new photo on her Instagram account. A photo of her in a striped bikini, straw hat and XXL sunglasses. To finish off 2019 well, Eva Longoria takes it easy on the beach with a cocktail and a card game. While the Parisian cold invades our spine and our only accessories oscillate between hats, scarves and gloves, the actress has the chance to walk almost naked.


Happy with her dream destination, Eva Longoria insisted that “the real vacation begins once you have a beach. A sincere message that quickly attracted lust. Indeed, fans rushed to the networks to beg the star to take them with her. Also, this one ignited the Web! Her post has garnered more than 198,000 likes, including that of actress Reese Witherspoon.

In any case, the beauty of Eva Longoria also caused a sensation. ” You are beautiful ” ; “Sexy” or “Wow. So many messages that insisted on the perfection of the pretty brunette. Indeed, at 44, the actress is still as pretty as when she interpreted the role of Gabrielle in the series of the time.


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