Although there are still months to celebrate and you have many days, Eurovision 2020 is just around the corner. The followers of this festival prepare for the night of the year in which talents from all over Europe (and some of the world) struggle to gain the crystal microphone and be crowned as the best voice on the continent.

For our part, it will be Blas Canto who travels to Rotterdam (Netherlands) to make us dream with his voice on May 16. He will do it with many other participants with the same objective, so the emotion is more than assured.

As we mentioned in previous lines, the Eurofans heat engines for their most important night of the year. Some will even travel to the Dutch city to support their favorite candidates live. You can also be one of them!

Eurovision has published the ticket prices to enjoy the live event, as well as the launch date and the portals on which to get them. Stay tuned!

The first batch of tickets will go on sale next Thursday, December 12 at 12:00 hours through Paylogic and Ticketswap. There, you will find tickets for nine events: two semifinals, the grand final, the jury and family rehearsals. As Eurovision Spain indicates, the rest of the batches will go on sale during January and mid-March.

You have to keep in mind that each buyer can be made with a maximum of 4 tickets and each of them will be personalized, to avoid resale. “The buyer will receive a confirmation email to complete the payment and add their personal data and those of their companions,” says the Eurovision Spain portal.

There will be four types: standing, seats in the first and second tier, seats with limited vision and accessible seats for people with reduced mobility. Of course, all of them in each of these nine events.


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