Eurovision 2021: The Best Apps And Websites To Watch The Rotterdam Final Online


Eurovision 2021: Today, Saturday May 22, the final of Eurovision 2021 is held in Ahoy de Rótedam at 9:00 p.m. and you can follow it live from La 1 and RTVE Digital. This is the quintessential Eurovision day and you will have a whole special program dedicated to the festival, with a special previous program at 8:00 p.m.

And the stakes are on fire …. This year’s Eurovision final will perhaps be one of the most competitive and open in recent years.

Blas, in position number 13

Blas Cantó will perform his song “I’m going to stay”, and he will do it in position 13. It will be Cyprus who opens the gala with “El Diablo” by Elena xxx. San Marino will put the finishing touch with the “Adrenaline” of Senhit and Florida. Who are the favorites? Are there clear opponents and rivals? According to data compiled by RTVE after the second semifinal of Eurovision 2021, Italy is the great favorite to win the contest with “Zitti e buoni” by Måneskin.

Italians, winners

That’s what the Eurovision bets predict one day after the final. It seems that after having seen the rehearsals of the Big Five, the audience has placed the Italians Måneskin as clear winners of the Eurovision 2021 final with a 25% probability. Will they win the Crystal Microphone this year with their rock roll? They represent Italy with “Zitti e buoni”, a song composed by the quartet with industrial metal and a great presence of the electric guitar.

The French Barbara Pravi follows closely with her “Voilà”, a song based on the musical genre ‘chanson française’ with a 20% chance of winning. In addition, her song is a presentation of herself, an artist who has remained in the shadows for a long time, showing her emotions through songs performed by others.

In addition, France competes in musicality with Gjon’s Tears, the representative of Switzerland who sings “Tout l’univers” with a staging full of camera movements and flashes of light. Despite the fact that throughout the season he started as a favorite, one day before the final the bets predict that he has a 10% chance of winning and would stay with fourth place.

Nor do we forget Destiny, the representative of Malta who already won the children’s edition in 2015 with the song “Not my soul” and who arrives at Ahoy in Rotterdam with “Je me casse”, a song with lyrics full of feminist slogans and of emponderación, with a modern melody and full of force with sounds of black music like jazz, soul or gospel. She and she, too, was one of the favorites of the season although now the bets give her only a 12% chance of winning.


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