European Union to Force Apple to Use USB-C on iPhones


Apple may have to give up the Lightning connector in the future. This is because the European Union is trying to adopt a new law, which requires manufacturers to use uniform connectors. If the law enters into force, Apple will give up Lightning’den iPhone.

The US-based technology giant Apple uses a connector called “Lightning” to charge products such as the iPhone and iPad. This connector is one of the features that make iPhones unique in the smartphone industry. Because all smartphones in the Android ecosystem use Micro USB or USB Type-C connectors, iPhones have Lightning ports.

The European Union has so far encouraged technology manufacturers to have a single charging connector. However, Apple was predictably out of these incentives. Now the European Union Commission wants to enact the application on the recommendation. If the issue becomes law, Apple may need to replace the charging connector.

Apple can switch to USB-C under European law
Some members of the European Parliament recently made a call saying that every smartphone manufacturer should be forced to use a uniform connector. The idea, supported by some other members, may explain the vote in the coming days. The decision to be taken with the vote will be decisive for Apple.

In 2009 there were more than 30 charging connectors. However, with the support of the European Union, the range of connectors decreased to 3. These are known as micro USB, USB Type-C and Lightning. When we look at the prevalence of these connectors, we can see that Lightning is the weakest link used by Apple. If the European Union forces manufacturers to produce a uniform charging connector, Apple will have to give up its connector.

Apple thinks giving up the Lightning port for iPhones will be too much waste
In fact, the Commission of the European Union does not do such a work. Different types of connectors create more waste for our world. Moreover, experts support the idea of ​​EU Commissioners and think that a uniform connector may be healthier.

Apple, this recent development did not make any explanation about the company, but recently touched on this issue. When asked why USB Type-C was not used, Apple officials said that introducing a new application would bring an end to the Lightning port, which would mean that Lightning would be obsolete and that it would return to nature as waste.


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