European Union Fined Volkswagen And BMW


European automakers are in trouble with a new diesel emissions scandal. However, it should be noted that this is different from the scandal that gave Volkswagen a headache and lost a lot of money. Europe fined BMW and Volkswagen €875m for allegedly condoning a limited technology that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines.

BMW and Volkswagen are accused of agreeing not to compete for emission-reducing AdBlue technology between 2009 and 2014, along with the confessor Daimler.

The European Union claimed that the three companies had agreed on AdBlue tank sizes, ranges and average consumption, and shared “sensitive” technical details with each other. It was stated that this agreement prevented competition and prevented the three companies from realizing the true potential of AdBlue technology. The three companies are said to have chosen not to do so, although they could reduce their diesel output beyond EU requirements.

All three companies chose to settle with the European Union for the lawsuit. Daimler would have faced a €727m fine if he had not confessed. Volkswagen was also tolerated by the European Union, thanks to its level of cooperation.


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