European Commission tries to take action for Joy-Con ‘drift’

This is how the international body responds to the BEUC complaint, which collected more than 25,000 complaints from consumers.

New chapter in the thorny issue of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. The European Commission, a body dependent on the European Union, has left the door open to investigate the Kyoto company for problems in the controls of its console. This is a malfunction that affects many Nintendo Switch owners and causes unintentional movement of characters in the game. The Joy-Con drift, as the problem has been called, has generated more than 25,000 complaints collected by BEUC, the European Consumer Organization.

The matter is already in the hands of the European Commission, which, according to a statement sent to Eurogamer, will then decide what measures to take from now on. A possible coordinated action is being studied, in line with the application of consumer protection, the EC legislation that governs the Single Market. Furthermore, they confirm the preparation of a new legislative initiative.

The EC statement

“Early obsolescence is a growing concern for all consumers,” an EC representative told Eurogamer. “The Commission is determined to act against these practices, as well as to empower consumers towards a green transition. We are preparing a new legislative initiative that aims to provide consumers with better information about products, including durability, as well as better protection against certain practices such as premature obsolescence. ”

BEUC recalled that customers purchase their products with the confidence that they will not have to buy replacements in a short time due to technical defects. According to the institution, Nintendo must offer definitive solutions “for the thousands of customers affected by this problem.” Not surprisingly, the Joy-Con drift has been recognized by Nintendo itself in the mouth of its president, Shuntaro Furukawa. As we published in MeriStation, the manager apologized to consumers.



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