Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi Defends Sam Levinson’s Lengthy Shootings After Previously Saying They Were Like ‘hell’


Jacob Elordi and Sam Levinson. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock; Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Changing your tune. Jacob Elordi defended the demanding filming of Euphoria creator Sam Levinson after he previously called the process hellish.

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“For me, working on this set is a real pleasure,” the 25—year—old Kissing Booth star said in an interview with GQ published on Monday, August 8. And I trust him, and I work to the bone for him. I think I’ve read people saying: “Look, this is a bad image, you don’t have to work to the bone for art.” F-k is. I like it.”


Earlier this year, the Australian native said that he and the rest of the cast had been filming a New Year’s Eve party for the second season for several days. “The thing is, we’ve been doing this for so long,” he told Thrillist in January. “We’ve been filming this party for over a week, so very quickly it’s like hell. It’s like being at a party you don’t want to be at. Not at all. And you can’t wait [to leave].”

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Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi, claimed that the shooting lasted all night. “We will start at 18:00. and we walked until the sun rises — 5 am — and we are so tired!” explained the 24-year-old star of Assassination Nation. “There were certain days, or at least for a couple of hours, when we all hung out together in the green room, and it was fun, like we were all hanging out, but mostly we were all just trying to take a nap.”

However, according to Elordi, these grueling shootings are one of the reasons why Euphoria has become super popular and highly appreciated by critics. “What everyone sees on television, the footage people talk about, the feelings they feel, the conversations around the show, it’s because some of the footage is shot in 30-plus takes,” the Deep Water star told GQ.

Levinson, 37, wrote the script for every episode of Euphoria and directed almost all of them, but his methods have been questioned from time to time by fans and actors of the HBO show. In January, Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie, hinted that she had asked Levinson to cut some of her character’s numerous nude scenes.

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“There were times when Cassie had to be shirtless and I was saying to Sam, ‘I really don’t think it’s necessary here,'” the 24—year-old White Lotus graduate told the Independent in January. “He’s like, ‘OK, we don’t need this.’

However, two months later Sweeney said her comments had been misinterpreted. “I never asked him to cut any scenes,” she told Teen Vogue in March. “It was more [about] how respectful Sam is and how incredible a director he is, that he would never force me to do something I don’t like.”

That same month, Sweeney’s co-star Barbie Ferreira denied rumors that she had a falling out with Levinson on set after her character Kat’s storyline was apparently cut in the second season.

“I’ve seen so many different things, and a lot of it doesn’t correspond to reality, and some of them look like mundane little things,” the 25-year-old model told Insider at the time. “Sometimes things have a life of their own and they’re not based on the truth, but that’s OK because I know it’s just out of passion, out of curiosity and all that good stuff. And I signed up for it. So, I’ll take this. I’ll take the good and the bad.”


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