Euphoria: Zendaya confirms what we all suspected about the similarities with Rue


Zendaya and her role in the famous HBO series, Euphoria, have found certain similarities that make her look a little alike every day. In fact, the actress has stated that she already feels Rue as a great friend and even a sister that she cares about. She wishes the best for her in the plot of this controversial story that addresses critical issues for public opinion but has nevertheless been awarded several times.

“Rue is obviously very different from me, but there is something about her that feels like home. I hope that people who watch the series continue to see Rue as a person worthy of their love and worthy of their time, and that she still has a redeeming quality, that we still see the good in her, even if she can’t see it in herself. ”.

Since 2019, Zendaya has embodied in Euphoria a teenager with many typical age problems, but together with them, she is accompanied by the use and abuse of drugs, turning this tender girl into one more addict. That little by little, in the thread that has already been going on for 2 seasons, she has become a phenomenon on the small screen.

While it is true that the 25-year-old decided to break with the schemes and get out of a box of a sweet, pretty and tender girl in one fell swoop, interpreting Rue’s life has been quite a challenge, especially because she knows the responsibility that becoming in a symbol or in a reference for a generation.

After 3 years since Euphoria began, Zendaya has kept her private life quite low-profile, which is antagonistic when compared to her character in the series. She avoids starring in scandals or embarrassing moments that expose her too much to the lens of the paparazzi who have already begun to follow her in her daily life.

Other contemporary actresses’ experiences with Zendaya have made her reflect on her connection to her character dealing with depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and inattention. The use of drugs as an escape from pain is a retrospective of what she hopes that people can feel compassion for everyone who suffers.

The fear when interpreting a young woman like Rue has always been there, since being a child star who has grown up in front of our eyes, she has been able to witness how other colleagues have ended her artistic life for behaving like Rue. Being in showbusiness from an early age is not an easy thing when she has money and free access to a wild life; making good decisions and surrounding herself with the right people may have been the key for her.

“Having a Disney background sometimes makes it hard for people to take you seriously. I’m in the phase of learning, observing and trying to absorb as much as I can.”

Her Emmy nomination for “Best Actress” for this series has led her to be grateful to her crew and co-stars, as well as the public and her fans. Behind her was that young woman who was terrified to play this character because she felt she didn’t have enough talent to do it. Her consecration with this series will be what will push her towards new challenges in this filmic universe and there will no longer be any doubts about the immense talent that she possesses.