Euphoria: Why fans are not happy with the series season 2


Fans waited months for Euphoria’s second season, but not everyone was happy with the outcome. HBO’s drama about teenage life has become the target of ridicule and various memes online. While it can be said that the series reached a whole new level with season 2 and there are probably still a lot more fans than enemies, here are some of the reasons why fans weren’t happy with the second season of Euphoria.

One of the things that people liked about the first season was the writing. Written by Sam Levinson, the stories of the ups and downs of teenage life seemed relatable. She sensitively addressed sexuality, gender, drug abuse, and sexual assault. Fans don’t feel like the second series shares that same sensibility.

For many fans, season 2 seems to have left out the major character acts and given up much of the social commentary that made them fall in love with the HBO show. It also seems to have forgotten a lot of fan-favorite characters, replacing character development with clunky dialogue.

The second season of Euphoria has mainly revolved around Nate (Jacob Elordi) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). The ups and downs of their toxic relationship have been the focus, with many other developments left out. The affair has even overshadowed Rue’s drug addiction, the main focus of the first season. Many people believe that Zendaya, who won an Emmy for her role, will quit the show due to her busy schedule.

When fans get involved in a show, it’s not just what they see on screen that matters to them. They follow the cast on social media and try to learn as much as they can about their favorite show. The stars’ many stories about working on the show have affected how people enjoy the drama.

Rumor has it that Euphoria’s behind-the-scenes was just as dramatic as the on-screen plot. It’s not just Barbie Ferreira who had problems on set. Sydney Sweeney had to ask for several nude scenes featured on the show to be cut. Since she made this comment, fans have taken note of the necessary nude scenes that appear on the show.