Euphoria: What we always suspected about why the series is a success on HBO Max


Euphoria Season 2, has dropped some jaws with its surprising plot twists and the development of the different stories between its main characters. Each one of them captivates the fans who have been feeding the drama of a teenager with vices; and that she entered our hearts to awaken mixed feelings such as anger, pain, insecurities and compassion.

HBO Max decided to launch a third season, after breaking audience records and determining that Euphoria is one of the best series, since it was launched in mid-2019. Each figure has its trick to catch the attention of the audience that follows it with each episode and through their social networks. But there are some facts that you may not have known about this series.

One of them is that this season had twice as many viewers as the first, according to measurement studies by Variety magazine. In fact, the first episode of the second season was the most watched, almost 13 million viewers connected to HBO Max and the story of “Rue” (Zendaya).

As a curiosity, it can be added that, in this season, each episode has the name of a rap song by different artists and they were chosen to accompany some scenes. Likewise, singers like Lana del Rey, Tove Lo and Labrinth are also on the soundtrack of this series. Last but not least, we have that the South Korean group BTS was included in the series, and right at the end of the first season one of its members (Jungkook) appeared singing the song “Euphoria“.

shocking characters

For the character of Agnus Cloud’s “Fezco” this is the first experience in front of the cameras and he was chosen for that emblematic role in the series while he was walking down the street. Likewise, for “Jules” played by trans actress Hunter Schafer it was also her first time on the set of Euphoria since before she was only dedicated to modeling. As well as for “Ashtray” who plays Fezco’s brother and is played by Javon Walton who at 15 years old is an outstanding boxer.

The first teen drama on HBO Max has been a resounding success and we witnessed the talent of its actors and actresses, for example in the scene where Rue and her mother played by the great Nika King; in which the dialogue charged with intensity and rage was totally improvised. Both actresses confessed to being emotionally and physically exhausted after recording it.

For the actor Jacob Elordi who plays the character of Nate Jacobs, there have also been several opportunities where he has been affected by some scenes. Especially those who have violence against women, in several interviews he has expressed that he felt terribly bad after each scene of abuse against Alexa Demie and her character Maddy Pérez, with whom he has a quite toxic relationship.