Euphoria: What Hopes Are There For A Season 3 Renewal Of Zendaya’s Drama


Euphoria is the teen series that premiered on the HBO broadcast network in June 2019. The series that follows Rue Bennett, a teenager who struggles with her drug addiction while trying to find her place in the world, premiered its second season on last January 9 after being absent from the screens for more than two years.

While impatient fans waited, the streamer released a couple of special episodes between December 2020 and January 2021, as a way to appease tempers due to production delays. Currently, the ongoing series released its third episode this week to good results.

The drama starring Zendaya, during the broadcast of the third episode of season 2, reached its highest audience levels, capturing the attention of a total of 3.6 million viewers on all HBO platforms, according to the specialized site Deadline .

According to the report, these numbers just marked a 41% increase in the record set during Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2, which aired on January 16. During the debut, it climbed to 10.8 million viewers since its release on the network. With this in mind, fans of the teen drama are wondering if there will be a third installment of the hit series.

So far, HBO has not given the green light for a season 3 of Euphoria. But, due to the most recent audience numbers, it is certain that fans will receive on their screens a third installment of the youth drama, with which the series could be coming to an end, since the production previously stated that the program will not have beyond a few seasons.

With just three episodes of Euphoria season 2 aired, the series has been delving into the arcs of some of the characters, in order to help understand their respective developments. Last Sunday, the plot focused on Cal (Eric Dane) and also showed Rue falling once again and getting into a new problem, now that she made a risky decision to buy illicit substances for sale.