Euphoria: watch the trailer for its second special episode


This Tuesday (19), HBO released the long-awaited trailer for the second special episode of the Euphoria series. Titled “Part 2: Jules”, the focus will be all around the character of Hunter Schafer.

From the images presented, it is possible to see that Rue (played by Emmy winner Zendaya), his great love interest, still lingers in all his deepest thoughts.

Co-written and produced by Schafer and Sam Levinson, creator of Euphoria, the plot of the episode will go deeper into what happened to Jules after the tragic separation that she and Rue suffered at the end of the first season.

In this way, we will see a character revisiting the memories of a recent past and trying to analyze her interior, as well as digest important events that have severely impacted her.

Check out the full trailer:

Learn about the second special episode of Euphoria

As with Euphoria’s first special, HBO announced that this new episode will have an early debut on the HBO Max platform. Anyone who subscribes to streaming will be able to check out Jules’ development from January 22nd.

However, the broadcaster broadcasts the episode in its entirety on 24 January. In Brazil, the two special episodes will be available on HBOGo streaming.

After the trailer was released, several fans of the series commented on their considerations about what they hope to watch soon.

According to the images, it is possible to deduce that the episode will show an alternative reality, in which Rue and Jules are a couple and live together in a certain harmony.

However, it is not yet known how all this will be tied, but it seems that the connection between the two new episodes will be quite visible.

“Part 2: Jules” premieres on Sunday (24) on HBO.


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