Euphoria: This is why Cassie never told her friends that she was pregnant.


After a long and disturbing pause, the youth drama Euphoria finally hit the HBO screens a few days ago, and since its debut in 2019 it has left us all intrigued with the stories of these characters. Since the first chapter of the new second season, it has offered its fans many twists and turns.

Of course, one of the things that has surprised us the most, without a doubt, has been the participation of Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie Howard. During the first season, we saw great moments in the evolution of this character, and we have seen her pleasuring herself with a carousel until she became pregnant with her boyfriend, Christopher McKay (Algee Smith).

Despite her poor decisions, the fans seem to continue to support her. There seems to be an understanding that a lot of her low moments come from a place of loneliness. Although Cassie has a sister and a close group of friends, there is a feeling that she doesn’t really have anyone that she really connects with.

This was more than evident in the first season, since this young woman did not even tell her friends that she had been pregnant with McKay, the only thing she confided in them is that she had cheated on Christopher McKay with Daniel.

It was then that Cassie Howard actress Sydney Sweeney opened up about why this young woman did not confess what she had done, and according to Sweeney’s own statements, she said that Cassie does not feel that she can trust the truth to the friends of hers “I think it was a parallel with her,” she clarified.

“She didn’t feel comfortable telling her friends that she was pregnant, because yes, they are her ‘best friends’ of hers, but she’s not really close to them and she doesn’t think she can trust in them. She’s so scared and lonely, and her way of being like, ‘Should I tell McKay about Daniel, should she tell him about kissing?’ in her mind, what she was really saying was, ‘Should I tell him I’m pregnant?’”

Clearly, Cassie continues to keep secrets from her friends in the second season of Euphoria. However, we’d bet it’s only a matter of time before someone finds out everything this young lady has been hiding ever since.

Now all that remains is to keep waiting on Sundays through the HBO channel to discover what will really happen, and it seems that this next weekend the dark past of Nate’s father will finally be discovered, everything seems to return to more pressure, especially when Nate he told his father that he had the dvd that he would have been secretly recording with Jules.