Euphoria: The Reason Why Christopher McKay’s Original Actor Quit Revealed


It is no secret to anyone that this second season of Euphoria, (premiered in early January, and culminated in late February through HBO), came loaded with more illegal scenes than ever. Of course, this caused the annoyance of some viewers, as well as the actors themselves. Such was the case of the original interpreter of Christopher McKay, who only appeared in the pilot episode and later resigned due to the intense story that he was going to play in the future.

In the first season, apparently the original actor, Christopher McKay, was so uncomfortable that he was forced to leave this teen drama. At the premiere of Euphoria, in 2019, many criticized the series through social networks, the same thing that happened with the premiere of the second installment.

Given these massive comments, one of the representatives of the production did not hesitate to clarify the purpose of the program, after critics insinuated that HBO only seeks to glorify drug addiction, violence and sex. However, even the protagonist of Euphoria, Zendaya, has explained that this is a teen drama with real problems that society faces on a daily basis.

Despite this, from the beginning, some of the cast members were similarly uncomfortable with the theme of the show. Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley was originally supposed to play Christopher McKay in Euphoria, instead of actor Algee Smith.

However, Brian decided to leave the program on his own, when he noticed the boldness of the story of this series. Although very little is really known about the details that inspired the departure of the former X Factor contestant, everything indicates that it was because he felt uncomfortable within the cast.

“Bradley felt uncomfortable shooting scenes that weren’t in the original pilot script.”

Likewise, the actor also felt uncomfortable with his character, who would be “experiencing homosexuality in future episodes.” Given the turns of his character, there were many problems between Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley, and the producers of Euphoria.

The showrunners reshot McKay’s scenes with Algee Smith, including the intense sex scene with Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney) from the first season. Faced with this surprising change, the then 21-year-old actress rejoiced at the news, communicating these words:

“Let’s just say I’m really glad Algee is playing the character.”