Euphoria: The real-life murder that inspires the events of the HBO Max series


From Israel came the story of the murder of Raanan Levy, an introverted young man, who liked to stay at home, who rarely went out to parties. Based on this tragic event, they made the Ophoria series in that country, to recount the details and dramatize the revenge that followed. Euphoria creator Sam Levinson used elements of that plot and other aspects of her life to shape the script that birthed Rue and her friends.

This 2012 Israeli series and the 2019 HBO Max production have a lot in common and in fact served as inspiration, something palpable since many of the characters are similar in the series starring Zendaya. For example, her role as Rue, a teenager who falls hopelessly into drugs and illegal substances after the loss of her father is the mirror of the story that surrounds the character Hofit in Ophoria.

However, for the creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson raised many experiences from his own life such as dealing with mental disorders such as depression and drug use, in addition to consulting actresses such as Barbie Ferreira who plays Kat Hernández, to include their perception regarding to rejection because of her size or to Hunter Schafer (Jules) herself about her experiences as a trans woman.

The murder of the young Israeli inspired the creators of these series as it reflects a society in decline, full of violence and how the characters sink or escape from it through drugs, sex or family support.

It was also a challenge for Levinson to be able to propose a different plot and with more characters with attractive stories that would catch viewers who were hooked and became addicted to this HBO Max series for 2 full seasons and who are still waiting for it to continue. the journey through the lives of figures such as Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer).

In HBO Max’s Euphoria universe, a diverse group of high school students are closely followed as they experience sex, friendships, love, identity and drugs. There is drama, suspense, tension and deaths, so the intensity of the series is only matched by the success it has had around the world.