“Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney’s Red Hair Is Pretty Close To Her Natural Hair Color


Sydney Sweeney has been in the news a lot lately. From her outstanding performances in season 2 of “Euphoria” and “White Lotus” to relationship status, the starlet has received her share of attention. However, she has recently received some press after a major change to her hairstyle. Sweeney changed her blonde locks to a copper-red color.

Why Sydney Sweeney dyed her hair red?

Fans of the MMA fighter are used to the fact that she is blonde. However, she recently changed the situation by debuting with red hair. And while Sweeney herself was looking for a change, the hairstyle change was mostly done for the sake of work. In an interview with Glamour, the actress-producer said that she blushed because of her last movie role.

“Well, I did it for a movie called The National Anthem,” Sweeney shared about her new red hair. “My character’s name is Penny Joe, and I wanted to change it to be blonde. I’ve been blonde to Cassie for a while, and I wanted something that was more like my character. I cut my hair, made my bangs and changed the color because I wanted to embody Penny Joe in a different image.”

What is the natural hair color of the “Euphoria” star?

While many fans were surprised by this change, Sweeney’s red hair is actually closer to her natural hair color. Due to the fact that she looks very blonde, many decided that she was born with this color. However, Sweeney is actually closer to brown hair. “I’m actually a natural brunette with a little red.”

So why did Sweeney go blonde from the start? She turned blonde in order to revive another of her characters. Her character from Euphoria, Cassie Howard, was blonde, so Sweeney needed to change her appearance. Unfortunately, the coloring of her strands has jeopardized the health of her hair.

Going blonde Jeopardized Sweeney’s Hair Health

“The first time I dyed my hair blonde, I cried because my hair was naturally [long],” Sweeney shared with Bustle. “[When] I dyed my hair blonde, I didn’t even get a haircut, but my hair reached my shoulders. It’s so weird; my nails grow really fast, but my hair doesn’t. It was a battle to keep my hair healthy. I’m working on it, [and] it’s getting better.”

The producer of Players Table admits that he spends a lot of time trying to keep her curls healthy. From using thermal protection sprays to masks, Sweeney is serious about taking care of her mane. But she considers the biggest positive change in her hair to be a special shower head. “One of the biggest changes is the shower head that filters the water,” Sweeney explained. “The water is not so hard and there are not so many chemicals in it. It changed everything.”

Clearly, Sweeney doesn’t mind swapping things for her many roles. It will be interesting to see what color (and character) she will adopt next time.