Euphoria Season 3: Will Zendaya give up the role of Rue? This is what is expected


One of HBO’s most acclaimed hits of recent times is Euphoria, finally, next Sunday the last episode will be broadcast, and that is, let’s remember that it was last January of this year 2022 that the premiere after being absent from television for almost three years.

With his return, he surpassed the audience he had in the first season, the viewer ratings rise weekly with each episode. Now, many of HBO’s viewers are wondering if they will also be able to enjoy a third installment of Euphoria, which is why many rumors have begun to air.

This detail confirms that Euphoria is, without a doubt, one of the most popular series on television at the moment. It is not for less, since the cast that makes it up includes Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi and others. In addition to its actors, this drama has really incredible scenes and not to mention its prestigious soundtrack.

For now, fans are wondering if Zendaya will continue to play Rue in the next installment, this detail has worried the vast majority of fans. After the latest events, exactly when she hit rock bottom, many hope that Rue can continue to stay clean and sober, but are still curious about her relationship with Jules.

Next Sunday, February 27, through the screens of HBO, the last eighth episode is expected. Fortunately for all its fans, the production announced on February 4 that a third season is expected. Possibly, this renewal is possible thanks to the fact that the audience for the second season of Euphoria more than doubled.

Even the executive vice president of HBO programming, Francesca Orsi, in a statement announced her satisfaction with this youth drama, and congratulated the entire production for having raised the second season to extraordinary heights, so they hope to continue their journey with them in the third season.

Rue’s story will end on a hopeful note this season, according to Zendaya. The actress confessed that episode 8 would be the point where all the characters would feel a sense of atonement. It has already been confirmed that Rue’s interpreter will appear in the third season, so we will have to keep waiting a little longer and find out how this installment closes.