Euphoria Season 2: The fight in the final episode and someone in danger according to trailer


Euphoria, one of the most controversial dramas on television in recent decades, premiered its second season 2 in early January showing heartbreaking episodes not only with the narrative of Rue Bennett’s (Zendaya) arc, but also for other important characters. The teen drama will be putting an end to this installment this week, and the promotional trailer reveals just how high tempers will be. (Spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8)

The series that follows the life of Rue as she fights against her inner demons, will culminate its season 2 next Sunday, February 27, when it airs through the transmission network HBO with the eighth episode, whose trailer reveals that everything is about to explode in a brutal confrontation.

The promotion of episode 8 of season 2 of Euphoria, was shared by HBO this Sunday after the broadcast of the seventh installment of the youth drama. And based on the short clip that reveals some of what fans will get to see with the finale, it looks like one of the characters won’t make it out alive this weekend when the series returns to their screens.

Fezco did not appear on Lexi’s show during the Euphoria Season 2 Episode 7 plot, despite fans seeing him prepare for the event. Without a doubt, the series generated uncertainty with this, while the fans were left wanting to know why he did not make it. The most recent preview shows the character in a harrowing situation.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 8 Trailer Reveals Maddy and Cassie Fight

Police are shown in the trailer raiding an undisclosed location. It is very likely that it is the hunt for Fezco, which could explain why he is seen lying on the ground. There is also blood in the shot, suggesting that he or someone close to him has been attacked.

Likewise, the promotional trailer for the final episode of the second season of Euphoria suggests that tempers will be running high between Maddy and Cassie, who are about to enter a huge battle as everyone watches in horror. Although they were once friends, that was in the past after Maddy found out about the affair with her ex-boyfriend.