Euphoria Season 2: The actress who has caused real trouble behind the scenes


Euphoria debuted for the first time in 2019 through the screens of HBO, finally, after three years, viewers have finally managed to delight in the premiere of its second season, which has been exceeding the expectations that many had.

In this installment, other characters have had a lot of prominence, while Rue (Zendaya) tells the stories of each one of them, we have also immersed ourselves in depth to know the details of each one of them. But, there is a certain character that has been left a little “behind” unlike the rest, we are talking about Kat Hernández (Barbie Ferreira).

According to rumors, actress Barbie Ferreira has been having major creative differences with the show’s creator (Sam Levinson) over her character. Apparently, these differences have caused the young professional to leave the set on different occasions. Since January 9 of this new year 2022, many may have noticed the few lines that Kat has had, unlike the first season, when she had a really important role.

Euphoria follows a large group of teenagers in the town of East Highland as they navigate a dangerous world of drugs, addiction, love, sex, and identity. The series is narrated by a struggling drug addict and comments on the lives of all of her classmates as they struggle with these serious issues.

In addition to Barbie Ferreira, other important names are also found in this HBO cast, such as Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Maude Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Angus Cloud and Eric Dane. According to behind-the-scenes rumors, the actress spoke to Levinson about the direction her character was headed, explaining her distaste for the story.

This conversation would end in a heated argument, so Sam Levinson decided to shorten Kat’s scenes on the show. Additionally, it was also combined with the fact that Ferreira did not attend the premiere of the second season of Euphoria with the rest of her co-stars, many began to wonder what was going on. Euphoria is getting ready to release its last two episodes, this will obviously give us a hint of what will happen to the character of Kat as well as the rest of the characters in the future.