Euphoria Season 2: How Eric Dane’s Double Life Helped Him Play Cal


Euphoria will be coming to the end of the second installment in the next few hours, and the interpreter of Cal Jacobs in the hit HBO series, Eric Dane, also known for his character of Mark Sloan in the ABC medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, surprised all viewers of the teen series with its unexpected backstory in season 2 that premiered in early January.

Cal Jacobs’s past, which is dominated by an intense secret that was revealed in the most recent episodes of Euphoria season 2, is uncannily related to what happened in real life to Eric Dane when he left the set of shooting.

To the surprise of all fans, just like Cal Jacobs does in Euphoria, Eric Dane lived a double life for a long time and in his opinion, that was the main reason why he took the role for which critics have praised him so much. . According to the actor, his experience has led him to understand what it is to have secrets and have to live hiding them from people, strangers and even your family.

As Eric Dane himself explained in a recent interview with Glamor magazine, in the past he faced a tough battle with alcoholism, drug addiction and loss of his mental health. This led him to hide much of his personal life, even from the people who loved him, and to raise a facade that coincided much more with his actor facet.

Luckily, Euphoria star Eric Dane made it into rehab in 2011 to address his prescription drug issues and is now spreading the word about his experience, most notably playing his controversial character Cal Jacobs on the hit HBO Max drama. In his opinion, the personal experience that marked his life now helps him play Cal Jacobs on screen. This said:

“I felt like that was my strongest asset in trying to articulate what the guy is going through.”

After his intensely emotional monologue in season 2 episode 4, Cal takes a photo of the Jacobs family from the wall and leaves. Fans haven’t seen the character return in episodes since, but many are hoping to see Cal again during this season’s final episode.

Recall that Euphoria follows the main character Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, a teenager battling her own inner demons while battling her addiction to drugs and alcohol. The recently criticized series is inspired by the real-life experiences of its creator Sam Levinson and will present the final episode of season 2 this Sunday, February 27 through HBO.