Euphoria: Fans want what was suspected of the third season of the series


The Euphoria season 2 finale recently aired, but fans are already looking forward to season 3. Season 2 wasn’t universally favored for the behind-the-scenes drama and nasty memes. Fans have high hopes that without the pandemic, and perhaps less backstage drama, season 3 will be a success.

The second season of the hit HBO drama has come to an end, leaving fans with many unanswered questions. Fortunately, it was announced that the show was renewed for a third season before the second season finished airing. This is not a surprise, considering that it is the second most watched show on HBO, behind Game of Thrones.

A Euphoria fan recently interviewed makeup artist Donny Davy and his response led many to hope the show would return in 2024. “#Euphoria Production Update: I interviewed Donni Davy today, and she mentioned that she *heard* they could potentially film season 3 later this year,” he wrote on Twitter.

Fans want more focus on the Euphoria girls

There has been a serious lack of time with many of our favorite characters. Many fans complained that Euphoria season 2 spent too much time on the love triangle of Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), Maddy (Alexa Demie), and Nate (Jacob Elordi). Fans want season 3 to show the group of friends interacting together.

Season 3 might even show us some new friendship pairings. When we saw the girls together, they were some of the best in the series. The Oklahoma bathroom scene instantly created a hundred memes. Barbie Ferreira may have denied rumors about the on-set drama between her and showrunner Sam Levinson, but that still doesn’t explain why Kat was reduced to a supporting character after stealing the show in season 1. In season 3, fans are hoping to see more of Kat.

Another missing female character has been Rue’s sister, Gia. While she has been a minor character for the past two seasons, Storm Reid’s performance deserves a bigger stage. By becoming one of the most important teen dramas of the moment, Euphoria begins to receive criticism like any other most watched series, but there is no doubt that the background story gives a lot to talk about. What decision will they make from production to improve the story?