Euphoria: Alexa Demie revealed the truth behind Cassie’s disgusting vomiting scene


This installment of the Euphoria drama put a complete opposite spin on the friendship that Cassie Howard (Sydney Sweeney) and Maddy (Alexa Demie) had. The relationship of these best friends ended when Cassie and Nate Jacobs (Jacob Elordi) risked having a relationship hidden from Maddy, it was until the last episodes of this season that HBO fans experienced the adrenaline rush of seeing them both secretly .

As we well know, the second season of Euphoria will end next Sunday, it will be through the HBO channel that the last and long-awaited episode will be broadcast. It is not for less that his followers are eager to know what will really happen.

Recall that the first season of Euphoria was broadcast in 2019 on HBO, and it was not until last January that its second installment was released, that is, viewers were forced to wait almost three years for its return. It can be said that the wait was totally worth it, since one of the characters that most captured everyone’s attention was Cassie with the betrayal she made to her friend.

The doe-eyed blonde has had plenty of memorable moments so far. However, one of her most memorable was when she threw up in a hot tub with her friends and of course, in Nate’s presence. In this episode, the blonde got drunk after seeing the interest that Nate was giving Maddy on her birthday.

When she was in the hot tub with Maddy, Nate and Kat (Barbie Ferreira), Cassie ends up throwing up like a projectile. Although Cass ended up apologizing, the scene really made an impression on HBO viewers. Given the attention of this scene, the cast members decided to talk about what really happened behind the scenes.

Cast members who were on the scene said it wasn’t that much fun filming it. Specifically, actress Alexa Demie was the one who told in detail that Cassie’s vomiting was not as fake as fans seem to think she was. So were her words:

“That was not fake.” She “she Came out of her mouth. She puked. Sweeney was quick to echo the sentiments of her Euphoria co-star.”

However, although this vomit did indeed come out of her mouth, it was not really hers. Sydney Sweeney herself also revealed her point of view, commenting that it was a “very unpleasant” moment.

“There was a transparent pipe that was a little tube, which they wove behind my back, and then into my mouth with a horse bit. During the scene, my mouth was filled with vomit. I had to sit there, like nothing was going into my mouth, and let it fill and fill and then vomit. I was really worried that she was really going to throw up.”