Euphoria: Actress Would Have Abandoned Filming Twice, Says Report


Euphoria: According to a report shared by The Daily Beast, problems with the direction of Sam Levinson have been generating friction behind the scenes of Euphoria. Actress Barbie Ferreira, Kat’s interpreter, and members of the production would be among the main dissatisfied, complaining about the lack of commitment to the schedule and disorganization in relation to the filming routine.

Rumors surfaced after the arrival of the latest episode, “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood”. At a certain point in the chapter, actress Barbie Ferreira appears to show a certain discomfort in the scene with Austin Abrams, when both appear only once to discuss their characters’ romance in a hasty and relatively disconnected way.

Critics from netizens questioned Kat’s arc in the second season and accused it of not developing according to the parallel arcs. That was enough for more serious issues to leak through the HBO team and point directly at the front man, director Sam Levinson, whose driving has not been viewed well behind the scenes.

Anonymous sources commented that Ferreira left the set twice during filming, not counting the time she was “assisted after she slipped and fell twice, twisting her ankle while filming the vomiting-in-the-tub sequence of episode four”. In addition, the actress had at least one sex scene cut from the current cycle.

The confusion also involved members of Levinson’s crew, who accused the director of not having a scheduled filming list. Given that shoots can run as long as 17 hours for just a single take and that the showrunner “has a penchant for changing things quickly to accommodate some of his ideas with his favorite young stars,” the absence of the calendar was classified.” like being in hell”.