EU Warns Apple: Privacy No Excuse To Limit Rivals


Apple should not use users’ privacy and security as an argument to reinforce its own ecosystem and take actions that are considered anti-competitive. The statement was given by Margrethe Vestager, European Union competition and technology authority, during an interview with Reuters news agency.

“I believe privacy and security are at the top of the list of importance for everyone. The important thing here is that, of course, this is not a shield against competition, because I don’t think consumers would give up security or privacy if they used another retail store. applications or if they were loaded from the outside,” he explains. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously claimed that external apps would be a security risk on iOS.

Apple is currently facing a series of investigations or lawsuits in various parts of the world regarding alleged practices against competition, monopoly and industry dominance in favor of the ecosystem itself. In addition to the lawsuit filed by Epic Games, which ended up in the courts, the company faces an antitrust lawsuit that could cost US$ 800 million and investigations in Germany against the App Store.

Cookies and Navigation

Vestager also commented on new ways of collecting data and blocking trackers by technology giants. More specifically, she praised iOS’s privacy personalization system, saying there is no reason to investigate the tool so far.

On the other hand, Google’s plan to replace cookies by another method of collecting information without so much control by the user and the companies involved should generate an investigation in the region.


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