EU prepares to harden against big tech companies


The European Union has increased its pressure on the giant companies of the technology world for a while. It seems that this process will become more difficult in the coming period. The EU is preparing to compile a list of about 20 technology companies it believes should face tighter restrictions, The Financial Times reports.

It is stated that the giant technology companies to be included in the list should be bound by stricter regulations compared to their smaller competitors on issues such as mandatory data sharing and greater transparency. It is said that criteria such as market share and number of users will be taken into account in the list.

It is currently unknown which companies will be on the list. However, it seems likely that major US-based technology companies will make up the majority of the list. It is stated that companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are very likely to be on the list.

It is not yet clear when the list will be ready. However, in the proposals prepared for the Digital Services Law, it is stated that Europe’s new internet regulation could be implemented as of the beginning of December. Although it is said that the list may be ready in the same period, there is no concrete sign on this issue for now.

Regardless of the timing, it can be said that the purpose is quite clear. The European Union has been working for some time to go beyond fining tech companies and find a way to enable them to change their actions quickly. Among the methods that the EU has in mind, there are ways from providing access to competitors to forcing partition.

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